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Friday, October 30, 2009

The Eye of the Beholder

I'm going to make this post a bit more personal.

While my discovery of the online scrapbooking world has generally been a good thing, there is one really big downside--now I have an audience, and can end up basing my work on what other people think.

This has highs and lows--there's something amazing about seeing all those happy comments for your layout. But I just posted 3 layouts and there has been no response--not one--and it sucks. And while I get that in the end I have the pages and I have to like them, it doesn't always make me feel better.

I'll try to update later today (after I've baked challah, mini apple pies, and cooked a lot of other stuff:) ) when I'm sure I'll be in a better mood.

Meanwhile, any thoughts about navigating your own style + the industry?

Thursday, October 22, 2009


After a few days of being in a funk (feeling under the weather and very not-myself), I am finally feeling back to normal.

Might be due to the gorgeous weather, the new stack of scrap supplies waiting to be cut up (a cheer up present to myself--it worked!), and the pile of finished layouts that I love, waiting to be photographed. But either way, I'm taking it all in:)

Some new pages:

This one is about my husband, still with the Studio Calico kit. Not a great picture, but I officially gave up on finding good light before I left for class. If you look closely, you will note that I actually managed to stitch a semi-straight line! Wahoo! So far, my husband is the sewing extraodinaire in the house, but I may be gaining on him:)

Next one is a non-Studio Calico page about me and the hubs.

Last Sunday, S and I went on a trip to pick up an old typewriter from a random lady's house. S was dissapointed because he thought we'd get invited in for tea and cookies:) Afterwards, we stopped by a cute farm stand. S was so excited, but I had to go to the bathroom and it was FREEZING, so needless to say, the fun didn't last long. What can I say?

A few mementos from our short (but sweet) stay at the ol' farm:

Monday, October 19, 2009


I have been LOVING the Studio Calico kit, Yearbook. It's full of stuff I would have never picked out for myself, but flows beautifully, and I made my record for most pages--think it's eight, but I've lost count.

Without further ado:

The layout below is about my love of readings and books. The photo was taken in the Yale library (on the last post as well!). I loved the photo and was just waiting for its perfect match in a layout topic, which came to me in a sudden epiphany.Next up is the layout about my cruise with Steve on my birthday. It began very badly--we barely made it in time, Steve's water bottle spilled all over his clothing while he ran to get on the boat, there were many tourists, and the tour leader kept mentioning various tragedies such as September 11 and the Buffalo plane crash. Needless to say, it was not the romantic rendezvous I was anticipating. I did spend a minute or two bewailing my fate---"It's my birthday and this isn't romantic at alll!"--but luckily (for Steve:) ) we found a spot on the top deck in time for sunset and enjoyed the evening after all. But for those of you considering the Circle Line cruise: You've been warned.

Now this is a two-pager, which I have become increasingly less adept at, but I have to say I like it. May not win a design award, but I love the colors and the photos and the memories (well, the ones that happened after I stopped crying).

Next one is based on a post I wrote on a message board, about what I'm happy about today. Scrapped it about a month after I wrote it, but better late than never! I love how it came out--very cheerful. Although I want to mist on it. Even though I don't have mist. Which clearly means I need to buy some!

More to come soon!