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Thursday, February 28, 2013

How Wonderful Life is.....

I don't know what it is about the month of February, but it is ALWAYS nuts for me.  Granted, last year I was having a baby, so that explains some of it. And then there's the twenty eight day factor. But no matter what it is, this month is always crazy for me, and this one has been no exception!

I have so much I'm dying to share--Purim photos, Ellie's birthday party, and lots of things I'm mulling on. But today, I want to share a layout.

I made this one some time ago, but am finally getting around to share it now. I love this line from Moulin Rouge and wanted to use it on a layout about my daughter.

Do you see that tiny face???  Ellie is now entering toddler mode of wanting to do things herself, throwing things on the floor, and running in the opposite direction. Good times:)

A closeup:

I used some odds and ends for this layout (loosely based on a Studio Calico kit, I think) and included hidden journaling in the envelope behind the photo. Although I usually use label stickers to write on, I added in a few Kesi Art label stickers just for the design (and speaking of those stickers, I am OBSESSED with them so if you have a source in America, let me know!)

What is the craziest month of YOUR year?

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Where I've Been

The past few weeks have been nonstop. I've wanted to blog, and scrapbook, and maybe clean my house, but it may be a little while longer until I get to do all that:)

Here's a smattering of what's been keeping me so busy....

First of all, someone got her first pair of shoes!

Sadly, she also just got her first blister, so said shoes are in retirement for a few days. Shoes--the ups and downs.

I attended a cupcake decorating class, and learned that squeezing icing from those pastry bags is much harder than it looks. I did make some semi-decent cupcake attempts, though:

That same weekend, we partied for Ellie's birthday!!

I could do a whole post just on the party, but here's a teaser.

The table, all set up:

And my happy girl:

(credit to my talented friend Pam on the photo!)

Pretty soon after her birthday, Ellie started walking EVERYWHERE.

Here she is wreaking some havoc at a local Target:

We then attempted air travel, for the first time in a while.

Our flight was very delayed (almost 5 hours!), but we admired the pretty airport:

and checked out the scenery:

And then this weekend, we hung out with friends, and headed to a happy wedding!

So there you have it--my life for the past two weeks.

What's been keeping YOU busy?

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Ellie through the months

For Ellie's first birthday party, I put together a decor item with photos from Ellie's monthly photosessions. I'll be back with photos of the party and decor soon (babies + cake = awesome), but in the meantime, here's a little "Ellie through the months"!

The adorable quilt was made by the talented Holly

And you can clearly see the point where lying down on a quilt became VERY hard to do:)

What's changed the most for YOU this year? 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello, Daddy!

I'm here to show you my Write. Click. Scrapbook. February layout!

What, you ask? A real live WCS layout?  Yes, it's been a while, A crazy few months. But I was thrilled to snag a few minutes to whip up a page about "Conversations."

While our Ellie may not talk much yet, she makes herself very clear. And whenever her daddy walks into the room, she literally jumps for joy. I tried to capture the enthusiasm of her greeting with this layout (made from a Studio Calico kit, but Lord help me if I have to remember which one).

And a close-up:

(On a side note, how fun are those navy Basic Grey letters? Love.)

In other news, I am currently finishing up the TWO WEEKS FROM YOU KNOW WHERE. They involved a work training program, a first birthday party, a panel presentation, Shabbos prep, and not a whole lot of sleep. Looking forward to normalcy returning!

What's going on in YOUR world today?

And, to see the rest of the WCS gallery, go here!