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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Just Do It.

Well, I didn't mean to take quiet so long of a blogging break.

To tell you the truth, it started out with an effort to be less stressed out and avoid turning "would be nice"s into "MUSTS." So I skipped a week, here and there, and enjoyed having the extra time to scrapbook, talk to a friend, or just watch a movie. Then I stayed away because I figured "who's reading this anyway?" and "I have nothing to say." The past few weeks, amid a zillion Jewish holidays, it was "Uh-uh. I have WAY too much cooking to do.

But I've also felt a loss from stepping away--the chance to write and share, the chance to connect with all of you, keeps me back in, So in lieu of finding a fun, creative way to jump back in, I'm just plain ol' DOING IT.

This summer has been about:

Sesame Place!! Which was awesome.

The Jersey Shore: beautiful as usual.

(Also, my kids are huge. When I ask "who wants a snack?" there are now TWO loud voices shouting "ME!")

This summer has also been about ice cream and bike rides, birthdays and dinners out, camp plays and backyard barbeques.

It was a good one:) And here's to being back in the blogosphere!

What has been the best part of YOUR summer?