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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Scrappy Sunday--My Two Faves

Welcome to another edition of Scrappy Sunday! First off, thanks for all of your kind words about my last post--I read them multiple times and they never fail to encourage me:)

Today the sun is shining outside and I'm feeling good and looking forward to a day of organizing! (doesn't sound like fun, except that if your house looked like mine right now you'd understand!).

I created this layout for Sketchy Thursdays and used Studio Calico's February kit, Candy Shoppe. Which might be my favorite SC kit ever:) The layout is about this fortuitous combination of two of my favorite thing--S and Starbucks.

And speaking of Starbucks, how cute is this bear my little sis gave me?

The Valentine's bearista. I'm a big fan of these bears. I counted yesterday and realized I have four of them--what can I say?

I'm in love. (Thanks, sis!)

But I digress---if you want to play along with this week's Sketchy Thursdays sketch, you have until Wednesday!

Here's the current sketch!

And, to complete the randomness of this post, I wanted to let y'all know that I'm now tweeting! Better late than never, right? Find me here! I'm under KeshetStarr. And let me know what your account is!

So what is keeping YOU busy this beautiful Sunday? And since I'm in the question-asking mood, what organization project do you think I should tackle next--(1) recipes, (2) closet, or (3) scraproom?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

when your heart is broken

This is how I feel some of the time.

Not all of the time--there are many days where I feel happy and beautiful and love the sensation of the sun on my face. There are days where I feel peaceful about this moment in my life, accepting of what I have and what I don't.

But then there are the days where I see a round pregnant belly across the room and it hits me like a ton of bricks. I created this layout on one of those days. I was hesitant about sharing it, since when I wrote it the pain was so raw. But I know that some of you are dealing with this issue, too, and I hope it reminds you that you're not alone. And in the end, we all have pain and disappointments and heartache, no matter what the source.

There's a well-known from Rabbi Nachman of Breslov:

there is nothing more whole than a broken heart.

And it's true. In brokenness, we learn more about ourselves and grow closer to G-d than we would otherwise. We become different people than we would have been otherwise.

This pain is part of my story in this world, and that's why I scrapbook it.

What's the hardest story YOU have ever documented?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Who are You?

First off, I have a few more layouts for you--I made these during my guest gig at Tombow. (Which, by the way, has a new adhesive coming out that looks amazing. And if you haven't heard the long and sticky saga of my search for adhesive, let me know).

This one is about my status as an animal person. See, S grew up with cats. And therefore thinks they're adorable. I, on the other hand, never grew up any pets, not even a goldfish! So the concept of animals in the house is just strange to me.

All that said, however, this sweet little cat (who belongs to S's mom) was on her way to changing my mind:)

And moving on, from cats to......hotels? This one's pretty basic, I just love hotels! I'm a big fan of PW's hotel room tours.

But more importantly.....

Our of sheer nosiness and curiosity, I'd love to know who-all is reading this blog!

If you don't mind, leave a c0mment introducing yourself!

I'd also love to hear about what you like seeing in this blog, and what you'd like to see more of in the future.

Monday, February 14, 2011


A few weeks ago, S started a new job.

A new job with longer hours and more stress, but better pay and more opportunities. It's been an adjustment for both of us. He has to balance the things he likes to take care of at home with the unpredictability of work.

On my end, I have to get used to being on my own more. (I've rented Sex and the City 2 on itunes toward that end. Just in case.) Last week, I went grocery shopping for all of the items needed for Shabbos--which I haven't done since 2007. Literally:) I walked in circles looking for the eggs until my friend Shaina magically appeared to help me out.

And the hardest, scariest change is knowing that we'll probably have much less time together in the few years to come. That dinners will be eaten alone more often, and dates will be canceled. I hope the fun that we share will continue with the same frequency.

I hope we'll always stay as connected as we are now.

But instead of worrying (although I do my share of that), I try to focus on action. Turning away from the computer and the to-do list and toward S so that when he's home, we spend some time really together. And I also have the comfort of knowing that no matter what a given week is like, Friday evening will roll around and the rest of the world will fade away (blackberries turned off, phone off the ringer....) and it will be just me and him and the candles burning. Every single week.

This Valentine's Day, how are YOU staying connected?

A Sweet Valentine's Treat!

Ella Publishing is having a special Valentine's Day sale today! The full details are at the Ella blog here.

The gist of it is that you get to pick TWO ebooks and then get a THIRD free!

Now, if it were up to me, I'd pick......

(now if the book actually came WITH some time to scrap, that would be ideal.....but nevertheless there are some great tips and gorgeous layouts in here!)


(and not just because I have a layout in there, I promise. I'm a sucker for journaling!)

(this is possibly my fave e-book of all TIME. The layouts are stunning, and it's so cool to see how versatile scrappy products are. Love!)


Valentine's bliss.

Now, here's hoping the 'ol hubby remembers to get me some chocolate.......
What would be YOUR favorite match?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Scarlet Lime February--Spring Rhapsody

This has been one of those days where life likes to shove you in the back and then give you a few kicks while you're down. Which is a rather violent metaphor, but if you had the migraine I've been suffering from today, you'd understand! I'm blogging in a small window of lucidity in between cooking, cleaning, and using a gel pack on my forehead.

But on days like these looking at pretty things is therapeutic, so here is Scarlet Lime's February kit, Spring Rhapsody:

My most favorite paper is the Pebbles polka dot on the bottom left--I plan on saving every inch of that baby.

Here's what I created with this kit:

[ignore the blechy photo. Light is hard to come by these days.]

I fell in love with this quote and wanted to use it on a layout: Be Yourself--everyone else is already taken.

I often have to remind myself of this. I don't have to be more of this or that or anything I'm not. I want to grow as a person, but to grow into a better version of myself, not someone else.

This next layout was a TOUGH cookie to crack. I moved the elements around for hours and almost gave up on it. Turned out all it needed was a piece of white cardstock to tone down the yellow and finish it off a bit. Taking a little break helped me see it with new eyes and figure that out. What do YOU do when you're stuck?

The layout is about Claire's Corner Copia, a fun hippie vegetarian place in New Haven that just so happens to be kosher--yesss!! S and I both agree that had I gone to Yale, I would have enjoyed many a meal at Claire's, following long discussions about Plato on the grass. Yale seems to have been wasted on S, clearly:)

The Frugal Fab kit is packed with brand new CHA releases and super fun stuff!

I really need to rephotograph this one, because I love it. And I'm afraid it's not quite looking its best:)

The journaling reads: At the end of your time on earth, you don't take the money or honors or things. You take your relationship with G-d, the way you treated others, and the way you handled the pain you faced in life. I always remind myself that the pain of infertility has a purpose--and will be part of my legacy in this world. Something I will carry.

My last layout will be making an appearance on the Scarlet Lime blog (which is brand new and GORGEOUS!), so I'll keep you posted about that!

What things have been inspiring YOU lately?

Monday, February 7, 2011

CHA Top Ten

I'm back, and mostly adjusting to real life. Do you ever feel that little let down when you get back from a trip? I'm glad to be home, but feeling a bit "blah."

To combat that "blah"ness, I figured I'd show you my top ten from CHA. Instead of doing top ten products (which would be more like top 87 or something), I'm doing lines or general sets of items put out by companies.

1. Glubers

I always love an item that's really useful. And as someone who has practically glued my hand to my forehead trying to make fabric flowers, these are brilliant.

And if they came with a little elf who rolled the ribbon FOR me? Even better:)

2. SRM Stickers wands

I'm not normally a fan of non-scrapbooking scrapbook items, but this is an exception. These plastic wands can be filled with candy or anything colorful, and would be a cute addition to any gift. You could attach a gift card to the box, or nestle the wand under the ribbon of a larger package. Love the possibilities.

3. GCD Studios Funhouse line

The embellishments in this line are wonderful. (The mustache wands of the last post belong here, too!)

I love this ribbon spool--even the packaging is so pretty and I love the mix of textures.

I adore the pleated crepe paper and banners on this one. I think they would add so much to any project.

4. The Girl's Paperie Jubilee line

I am in LURVE with these fabric brads. They would be wonderful for titles, flower centers, or any other accents. I hope these come out soon and I get to play with them!

Ignore the blechy photo, but these crepe paper flowers are truly adorable in person. I love the layering, the small size, and the colors.

5. American Crafts Peachy Keen line

The papers from this line are beautiful (and would make great basics, since they are more subdued) and the embellishments were among my faves from the show.

I know I've already showed you this embellishment, but I can't help myself. I just love it!

And the ribbon's retro patterns and colors just grab me!

6. Hambly screen prints washi tape

Hambly's washi tape is lovely. I love the birds on a line, as well as the woodgrain (available in brown and turquoise, I believe). Now if only I could put all my faves in one package!

7. Pink Paislee's Daily Junque line

Fabulous embellishments all around. Love the two-toned twine (a fresh take on the trend), the ephemera pack, the wooden letters, and my current favorite--the chalkboard stickers.

And how gorgeous are these chalkboard stickers in use?? Now I just need an occasion to throw a party.

Who's having a birthday soon?

8. October Afternoon's 5 & Dime line

This is classic OA with lots of vintage themes, gorgeous colors, and mixes of patterns.

Here are the word stickers and kraft Mini Market stickers:

And my favorite paper of the line:

9. Studio Calico's Countryside

Even though both of Studio Calico's new collections are beautiful, Countryside is my first love. The pink Notions, the fabrips, the label stickers, the woodgrain--love. (And I don't think I could invent better fabrip patterns for me if I tried).

Also note the uber cute cloud rubons on the top!

10. Crate Paper's Emma's Shoppe line

This line is meant for little girls, but here is one big girl who will be buying EVERY. LAST. STITCH. when it comes out.

Love the colors and motifs.

How beautiful are these chip pieces? I love that they can work for a "vintage carnival" theme and aren't typical "little girl" pieces.

The label stickers below right are among my faves. These would be perfect for layering and adding "bits and pieces" to layouts.
Hope you enjoyed the virtual tour! What was YOUR fave of the new stuff? (whether you went to CHA or not!)

Friday, February 4, 2011


I'm back! Did you miss me?

While it's been a long blogging break for me (thank you, ipad with issues and northeast snowstorm), I have a lot to catch you up on. Frankly, I have a lot to catch myself up on--I'm a "need downtime to absorb life" kind of person , and that downtime has been sorely lacking.

[Before y'all are wondering too long, a hint of my news: No, I'm not pregnant! I promise you, if I am, you'll notice due to the lack of sad posts on my blog--and believe me, I have a few more up my sleeve:) I so appreciate that you guys are thinking of me and wishing me well on that! My news is scrappy related--feel free to guess!]

But, first things first.....I know you all want to hear about CHA. So here ya go:

How insane are these paper dresses at DCWV? Apparently, they started making them in October. I appreciate that kind of diligence, makes me want to pull out my wedding album again!
These were possibly my favorite embellishment the whole show. Typewriters with pearls on them? Hello! From American Crafts' new Peachy Keen line.

A wall of thickers. There was a table and chairs in front of this display, and when my legs got tired, I just sat and stared at the thickers for a few minutes. It was lovely.
Donuts made out of ribbon! These were part of a really cool display at the Ribbon Ring booth.
Can you tell I have a thing for alpha stickers? This peek is from October Afternoon's booth---love the brick! OA has two new lines, one space themed and one with a vintage theme. The 5 & Dime line feels like an extension of Thrift Shop to me in some ways, but I adore it! And there are kraft lowercase alpha stickers and ice cream motifs and cute little things like that. Have you seen the OA booth pics on their blog?

One of the highlights of CHA for me was meeting some of my dear Studio Calico friends. Here I am with Lisa, Jenny, Nik, and Davinie at the Studio Calico booth.

And now for some Ella love--me and Jenny Larson (my patient and funny and awesome roommate) and Brenda Johnston, two of my Ella BFFs.

Crazy times with Aly Dosdall at the Doodlebug booth--and I learned a secret trick from Angie Lucas about how to get these smiles:)

Write. Click. Scrapbook girls: Emily Pitts, me, Aly Dosdall, Stacy Julian, Wendy Smedley, and Angie Lucas.
Me, Jenny Larson, and Caroline Ikeji (who was just about my size and I loved it!) at the Pink Paislee booth.

The whole experience was super fun, but also surreal. It was an especially weird feeling when I met a "scrappy celeb" and I knew all about them, but they didn't know me! Much better when we both knew each other:)

I will be back soon with my favorite lines and items at CHA.

Did YOU go to CHA? If so, how would you describe the experience? If not, have any questions?