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Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Your Heart

I'm linking up with Stephanie today for her Blog Your Heart challenge! If you joined in, too, let me know--I love reading honest posts on blogs.

1. Life has been hard to juggle lately. Between work, weekly monitoring appointments for bunny, catching up on scrapbook assignments after the holidays, emails, etc, sometimes I feel like I have to schedule in breathing. I would joke about scheduling in washing my hair, but I actually do that:)

2. And then, just when life seemed to calm down a teensy bit over the weekend, a new whammy today--my first ever traffic ticket. And unlike bunny's future firsts, I do not plan on keeping the stub and scrapbooking it. This is one memory best left forgotten, I think. Unless there was some meaningful lesson to be learned from it, which there probably is, but I'm way to close to see it. Right now, all's I know is that cops in New Jersey are A LOT less friendly then they were in Ohio. Seriously people.

3. Bunny isn't even here yet, and Mommy guilt has already set in big time. Definitely going to need to work on that, or it will be a long 18 years (or more).

4. I talk about this a lot on these posts, but it really can be hard to find passion in the everyday. I love my regular routine and have been settling in to a good one at work. But still, sometimes it seems the day goes by so fast with so many mundane things to attend to, and I want to grab on to it more (with the exception of this traffic ticket day--I can let go of this one!)

5. I cannot BELIEVE that in only 3 months, we'll entering the "any day now" stage of this pregnancy. Which probably means I should stop buying materntiy clothes, but that's besides the point! A part of me is so unbelievably excited to meet this little baby, but a part of me is also strangely sad to be almost past this stage of excitement and anticipation. Life just moves so, so quickly.

And there's my brain dump for today:) What's going on in YOUR world this afternoon?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Friday....and an Elle's Studio sketch!

Well, I'm happy to report that this week has been far more ordinary than the last. Which I'm very grateful for:)

This is my first experience in 2 years working on Fridays, so hopefully everything will magically get done in time for Shabbos! S is serving as my sous chef tonight (whipping up portobello grilled-cheese sandwiches as I write) and we're having a grand old time.

I wanted to pop in and share an actual scrapbook layout! I had so much fun working with this sketch from Elle's Studio:

I decided to go with a nature-y theme for my own layout. Here's a close-up:

And the full view:

I worked with my Studio Calico October kit and lots of fun Elle's Studio bits, including Handmade Layers items and my beloved scallop circle tags. How fun is the blue polka dot paper?

And because I'm feeling "blah" these days about my weeknight cooking, please*please share YOUR favorite dinner recipe!

Monday, October 24, 2011

When it Rains, it Pours (Literally)

Well, it's been one heck of a week over here. First, just as we were packing to leave for Ohio on Tuesday, an upstairs pipe burst in our apartment building and we had a leak of epic proportions. I'm talking water streaming down the bedroom and kitchen walls. Which is never a good thing. Almost a week later, we're still trying to get our apartment management to actually FIX the damage, dealing with mildewed belongings, and just thanking G-d that the scrappy room was spared. Thank heaven for small mercies:)

If that wasn't interesting enough, as we drove into Columbus on Wednesday, I got four phone calls from my parents in a five minute period. What was the emergency, you ask? Oh, just some wild animals on the loose in Zainesville, Ohio. About 50 animals to be exact! Zainesville happens to have one of the best Targets in our grand nation (in my humble opinion), but I didn't really want to fight a cheetah for the last Missoni tidbits, so I passed.

And then, to cap off the day. . . . S got hit by a car Wednesday night as he walked home from the synagogue. Thank G-d he escaped with only a concussion, but needless to say it was very VERY stressful. Emergency rooms are not usually on my holiday roundup. A few days later, I still look over at him all the time and feel overwhelmed with gratitude that he's still here. And fear, because loving someone is scary business. You never know exactly how things will end, and life can change in a moment, with the sudden rush of taillights on a dark road.

So with all of the stress going on right now, I'm mostly grateful. Grateful that these are my problems, and not another set. I'll take 'em!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scarlet Lime September--the Main Kit!

Yes, yes I know, it's October. Yeesh. I'm a bit behind in my blogging, but I blame, in no particular order:

1. One very troublesome little bunny (who apparently wants to keep mommy on her toes)
2. Beautiful Indian Summer weather
3. Lots and lots of Jewish holidays
4. Alternately cooking/packing/making plans for said holidays
5. Partying it up. Heh, just kidding:)

But either way, I'm here to *finally* share my Scarlet Lime September kits!

The main kit was super fun (lots of great Amy Tan goodies!) and is available right here.

I loved the bright colors and quirky embellishments in this kit, and had a blast with it!

This first layout was created the night before I found out what bunny is. (Yes, I know, but no, we're not telling:) We just like to keep everyone else in suspense! If you're really dying to know, you can either (1) try to sweet talk my mom or mother-in-law into sharing the news, or (2) hang out with me a LOT. I've already slipped once, so you never know!)

I was very proud of myself for the sort-of gender neutral color choices on this. And how perfect are the "bathroom people" stickers?

I used one of bunny's gorgeous 12 week headshots for this, and the journaling reads:
In just a few hours we will know if you're a boy or girl. I have a strong feeling you're a girl but can't wait to find out! I never dreamed that by Rosh Hashana this year I'd be 20 weeks pregnant with you. Bunny, I love you so. Ultrasound pic--12 weeks.

My next layout was created the day afterwards, when we were concerned about an ultrasound finding of Bunny's. I wanted to keep the journaling on this more private, so I created a pocket behind the photo and slid the graph paper strip underneath.

When I was thinking about this layout, I came across this quote and thought it fit my emotions perfectly, so I added it to the design.

I loved the row of buttons and added the key sticker because it was significant to the journaling.

That week was so full of ups and downs and varied emotions--I'm so glad I have it down on paper. It's one of the best parts of scrapbooking, I think.

What's the last major event (either a typical event or under the surface) that YOU delved into with scrapbooking?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forever Grateful

I pretty much squealed when I opened up my package from Elle's Studio to discover the Forever Grateful project kit. It's chock-full of unique and creative supplies, designed by the awesome Jenni Hufford, and still available for purchase!

And the best part? Elle created tags specifically to fit in the printer's tray. How cool is that?

Here are some close-ups of my take on the project:

Since I'm still so in love with the photos Alexis Hardy took of us last fall, I decided to feature those on my tray, along with a few other favorite "couple photos." I'm thinking of displaying it in Bunny's room (when Bunny actually has a room that is, which won't be for a little while!)

I had so, so much fun making this. I also love that it reminds me how happy I am in my little family. And speaking of that little family, Bunny is doing well as per our last appointment! There is still one thing we need to monitor, but thankfully it's nothing to worry much about. All of the stress this week though, plus finding out the gender, really made my love for Bunny grow in leaps and bounds. I'll probably be one of those moms who cries hysterically during preschool graduation at the rate I'm going:)

And in case you thought the Jewish holiday bonanza was over, think again! This Wednesday begins Sukkot! I have always contended that if any Jewish holiday needs a PR team, it's this one, so here's my very-very-fast attempt to explain this holiday.

On Sukkot we celebrate our time with G-d when He took us out of Egypt and we lived in the desert. To bring back that "trusting G-d in the desert" theme, we eat our meals in huts like this:

Although unfortunately, weather.com is predicting lots of rain, so we'll probably eat most of our meals in a regular dining room. But here's hoping!

We also use a lulav and esrog, shake them around, and say a blessing. A lulav looks like a collection of leaves and an esrog is a sort of lemony-fruit. They look like this (see below) and each item represents a different approach to living and relating to G-d.

I want to explain more about the deeper meaning of Sukkos, but I'm running out of time at the moment. Luckily though, the holiday continues to next week so I can share more then! In the meantime, if you're curious, Aish has some great basic information about Sukkos right here.

Coming up is another three-day holiday, so that means three full days with no internet, TV, radio, etc. It's actually quite lovely but definitely involves being very organized beforehand! Between holiday prep and obsessing about baby names (anyone else do that?), life has been keeping me busy.

And while we're on the holiday topic, what's one fun/weird family or religious ritual YOU celebrate?

Friday, October 7, 2011


Tonight is Yom Kippur, aka the "Day of Atonement" in Judaism. Sounds pretty scary, and frankly, it sometimes it is. Thinking of how quickly life can change and how precious it is is so important to keep in mind, but so terrifying.

It's hard to tell from the outside what the "point" of Yom Kippur is. We tell G-d all of the things we did wrong, but we don't flagellate ourselves. We acknowledge that G-d makes the major decisions about what will happen to us in the coming year, but we assert our ability to change those decisions as we grow closer to G-d again. We don't eat or drink or do normal everyday activities, but we think of how much potential the everyday holds, to do both good and bad.

My favorite Yom Kippur explanation is this--it's sort of like when you're driving with the GPS and make a wrong turn, and soon after you hear the tinny voice saying, "recalculating, recalculating." And then you end up taking a route that wasn't the plan originally, but that hopefully gets you to the same place.

And that's exactly what Yom Kippur's about. Looking closely at our lives, at all the areas where we might think we're doing fantastic, and realize that we have strayed from the right path. And then we come up with plans to re-route and get to the place we want to go, becoming the people we want to be.

My realization for this year? A lot of the time, I excuse being short/rude/unfriendly by telling myself that it's ok, because I'm stressed, or tired, or going through a difficult time. When really, I'm capable of better than that. I don't want to dump my own problems on other people. So for this year, I'm going to focus on counting to 5 when I feel myself getting angry or upset before I react.

Today, we're doing to an ultrasound appointment to double check how our Bunny is doing. It's been an intimidating and scary week, but the timing has been perfect--I can't forget that G-d is with me all the time, helping me handle it.

I hope that all of you enjoy a happy and healthy year!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

WIWW--Baby Bump Style

It's been a looong time since I've participated in What I Wore Wednesday, but now I have a little bump to make things interesting! I feel a *bit* bigger than I should be at 20 weeks, but I suppose it's just more space for the bunny. Who might share my preference for big open spaces:)

This first photo was my 4 month shot, so from about 4 weeks ago.

Skirt: random Jewish materntiy store in Brooklyn
Shell: also Brooklyn
Necklace: Lisa Leonard
Tomato planters: the hubby
Bump: miracle from G-d:)

This next photo is from around 17 weeks ( I think?) and displays my new attempts to wear a belt above the belly. Is it working?

Shirt: Junee's
Skirt: Target
(SO cheap and I love it! I got the slit sewn up, so don't let that scare you!)
Shell: Junee's
Necklace: Camera pendant from Ruche
Shoes: Target

This last outfit is from more recently, at 19 and a half weeks!

Skirt: Target
Shell: Junee's
Shoes: Target

And what would an outfit be without a belly profile?

After wanting this for so long, I still can't always believe I'm actually pregnant. So I love looking down at this belly and remembering that I'm not actually dreaming:)

So there you have it! I'm linking up with Lindsey at The Pleated Poppy today.

Question for you: Since I need more work clothes ideas, what's YOUR favorite work or dressy outfit?

(PS--Also blogging today at Scarlet Lime with a fun inspiration tool!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Midnight Rooster--Part Deux

I'm back!

I hope you all had a fabulous week--mine was definitely filled with a lot of sleepiness (I blame the baby), time with friends, poring over name books, laughing over crazy names with friends, and you get the idea:)

I'm excited to share the rest of my Midnight Rooster layouts with you today!

As you can see, I have a thing for dark mist these days--this one is Atmosphere by Studio Calico. One of these days, I want to find a dark black inky mist!

This layout is about the day I finally finally became a licensed lawyer. After 3 years of law school, 3 months of studying for the bar, 4 months of waiting for my result from the bar, and about 6 months of paperwork and jumping through hoops, it was about time! S and I meant to celebrate by going out to eat, but the only kosher restaurant around had closed, so we wound up eating a delish meal of chummus and crackers at Starbucks.

I'm not normally a card person, but decided to break out of the box for this one! This card was quick and easy and used up a bunch of leftover scraps. I also love adding pen detailing for a whimsical touch.

And while this has nothing to do with anything, I thought I'd add and share my joy that I finally snagged this purty necklace in exactly the color I wanted--how gorgeous is it? I found it at Allora Handmade (and I'm not getting paid by them or anything--just an enthusiastic shopper today!)

What's the last pretty thing YOU picked up?