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Monday, October 17, 2011

Scarlet Lime September--the Main Kit!

Yes, yes I know, it's October. Yeesh. I'm a bit behind in my blogging, but I blame, in no particular order:

1. One very troublesome little bunny (who apparently wants to keep mommy on her toes)
2. Beautiful Indian Summer weather
3. Lots and lots of Jewish holidays
4. Alternately cooking/packing/making plans for said holidays
5. Partying it up. Heh, just kidding:)

But either way, I'm here to *finally* share my Scarlet Lime September kits!

The main kit was super fun (lots of great Amy Tan goodies!) and is available right here.

I loved the bright colors and quirky embellishments in this kit, and had a blast with it!

This first layout was created the night before I found out what bunny is. (Yes, I know, but no, we're not telling:) We just like to keep everyone else in suspense! If you're really dying to know, you can either (1) try to sweet talk my mom or mother-in-law into sharing the news, or (2) hang out with me a LOT. I've already slipped once, so you never know!)

I was very proud of myself for the sort-of gender neutral color choices on this. And how perfect are the "bathroom people" stickers?

I used one of bunny's gorgeous 12 week headshots for this, and the journaling reads:
In just a few hours we will know if you're a boy or girl. I have a strong feeling you're a girl but can't wait to find out! I never dreamed that by Rosh Hashana this year I'd be 20 weeks pregnant with you. Bunny, I love you so. Ultrasound pic--12 weeks.

My next layout was created the day afterwards, when we were concerned about an ultrasound finding of Bunny's. I wanted to keep the journaling on this more private, so I created a pocket behind the photo and slid the graph paper strip underneath.

When I was thinking about this layout, I came across this quote and thought it fit my emotions perfectly, so I added it to the design.

I loved the row of buttons and added the key sticker because it was significant to the journaling.

That week was so full of ups and downs and varied emotions--I'm so glad I have it down on paper. It's one of the best parts of scrapbooking, I think.

What's the last major event (either a typical event or under the surface) that YOU delved into with scrapbooking?


  1. Nothing new here; I hope that all is well with your pregnancy. God is with you, guiding and leading :) We had a scare from something we saw on Harper's sonogram when we found out her gender. She had a 'bright' spot on her heart; we just prayed, didn't worry too much about it (well my hubs did, but I didn't care). Everything turned out the way it should when she was born, and we were so elated! I did finally post pictures of my scrap room on my blog. You'll have to check them out! Enjoy your week and many holidays :)

  2. really cute LO's~I guessed I missed you were Pg ~ a big congrats and well wishes to both of you:):)

  3. Me too..totally missed it...CONGRATULATIONS~! Better get those pages done!! LOL! Love the ones you showed here :)

  4. This is fantastic! I love the little felt people! Both layouts are great!

  5. I have to say I haven't scrapped a major event like this. But I had to post and tell you that I know what it's like to have an ultrasound that's not 100% happy. During my second pregnancy, they found a large blood clot next to the baby. The doctor had to tell me everything that COULD happen...not a happy conversation. I will tell you, though, that my daughter is now 18 and the most beautiful, intelligent, wondefful girl I could have dreamed of. Sending prayers that you will have a similar outcome!

  6. First of all, you and Bunny are in my thoughts and prayers! I truly hope everything turns out for the best.

    The last thing I scrapbooked that could possibly compare to this was when my grandfather died. I had a lot of bad things happen over the course of the week preceding it -- a new job that wasn't working out like I'd hoped, a bad breakup with a long-term boyfriend, finals week after a semester of being too stressed out to do my best work, etc. I don't think I've ever shared that layout, though that was about five years ago.

  7. Lovely layouts Keshet! Love all the mix of patterns!

  8. It's all simply amazing! I think maybe I should dig out my ultrasound photos and do a layout. They are from 19 years ago but who's counting.

  9. Beautiful LOs, looks like a great kit. Congrats on the wonderful news :) I haven't had much time for scrapbooking or bloogging recently but the next major life event I plan to scrapbook is my moving into my own flat.

  10. Gorgeous layouts, Keshet! I love the way you sewed across the paper ribbon!

  11. Hey Keshet - been thinking about you and hoping all is a.o.k. Hope you had good holidays too!
    We'll have to do that meet up at the Scrappers Cove soon - while you are still feeling up to it!
    Love how your pages and how you folded & stitched that red paper. Last big thing I scapbooked...hmmm...I'll have to get back to you on that :)

  12. Keshet, I AM dying to know what you're having! But, I completely understand the not telling. We will all just be excited when she/he is born. ;)

    I've been meaning to share this poem with you, just because when I read it it made me think about you!


    Sweet layouts!

  13. Good job on the gender-neutral color schemes! Looking forward to finding out if you are going to be using lots of pink in the near future or not!

  14. I am so happy to see you scrapping sonogram pics:) LOVE it!

  15. Lovely layouts as usual! :)
    Praying for you and Bunny.
    We've had a couple of uncertain sonograms in our pregnancies-the waiting is so hard-just lean on God, He will get you through this!

  16. Keshet, I was reading the new Scrapbooks etc, issue and I came across a LO that I thought I had seen before..then I realized "That's Keshets!" Way to go!
    Isn't it amazing that last holiday season you were scrapping about infertility and this year all about a new baby? I'm sure the coolness factor is not lost on you.
    You and Bunny are in my prayers.

  17. I think it's great you are keeping it a secret. We kept the name secret & I know a lot of people just couldn't understand it. I think it would be great to do it your way, everyone would be in suspense! I love your layouts too! Love the Amy Tan items!


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