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Monday, October 31, 2011

Blog Your Heart

I'm linking up with Stephanie today for her Blog Your Heart challenge! If you joined in, too, let me know--I love reading honest posts on blogs.

1. Life has been hard to juggle lately. Between work, weekly monitoring appointments for bunny, catching up on scrapbook assignments after the holidays, emails, etc, sometimes I feel like I have to schedule in breathing. I would joke about scheduling in washing my hair, but I actually do that:)

2. And then, just when life seemed to calm down a teensy bit over the weekend, a new whammy today--my first ever traffic ticket. And unlike bunny's future firsts, I do not plan on keeping the stub and scrapbooking it. This is one memory best left forgotten, I think. Unless there was some meaningful lesson to be learned from it, which there probably is, but I'm way to close to see it. Right now, all's I know is that cops in New Jersey are A LOT less friendly then they were in Ohio. Seriously people.

3. Bunny isn't even here yet, and Mommy guilt has already set in big time. Definitely going to need to work on that, or it will be a long 18 years (or more).

4. I talk about this a lot on these posts, but it really can be hard to find passion in the everyday. I love my regular routine and have been settling in to a good one at work. But still, sometimes it seems the day goes by so fast with so many mundane things to attend to, and I want to grab on to it more (with the exception of this traffic ticket day--I can let go of this one!)

5. I cannot BELIEVE that in only 3 months, we'll entering the "any day now" stage of this pregnancy. Which probably means I should stop buying materntiy clothes, but that's besides the point! A part of me is so unbelievably excited to meet this little baby, but a part of me is also strangely sad to be almost past this stage of excitement and anticipation. Life just moves so, so quickly.

And there's my brain dump for today:) What's going on in YOUR world this afternoon?


  1. Your last one made me laugh! But once you wear maternity pants it's just so hard to go back! haha! Love you blog and scrapbook style

  2. Bummer about the traffic ticket :(
    Enjoy the "everyday" moments of these last three months.

  3. Sorry about the ticket! Happened not too long ago for me too. :(

  4. Hang in there, take a deep breath, and focus on the new little one you're growing :)

  5. a bummer about the ticket! but, i am so excited about your little one. I will be visiting you often...i put you on my blog list

  6. I still have never gotten a ticket!!

  7. Great post! Bummer about the ticket. take a deep breathe and enjoy it all!

  8. I hear ya about routines. Sometimes all you can do is breath and go with the flow.

  9. Oh you are in for such a wonderful treat as a mom! Yes, there will be worry but just make sure to find time to enjoy the little things too. Kids are such a blessing.

  10. yep tickets have away of putting you in a bad mood!!!

  11. Ugh...sorry about the ticket. Not fun!
    But you have such an amazing time to look forward to. :)
    The mommy guilt is something I struggle with all the time, but I have learned that it is just a part of being a mom. And I have also learned when to take it seriously and when I am over thinking things :)

  12. First of all thanks for visiting my blog and the sweet comment - I feel you - sometimes it is hard to find JOY but I think if we can feel grateful for even the littlest things that is a bit of JOY - so feel accomplished.

    Hang in there with your little one - the last three months will wiz by...sorry about the ticket but it's not the end of the world, really. Doens't not define you at all. Hey and BTW - I would totally scrapit! but thats just me. lol

    Have a beautiful day.

  13. Your first ticket? I got my first ticket when I was 16. Not good, but I promise I'm a much better driver now. Can't wait until your sweet one gets here!

  14. lots of real thoughts there girlfriend. hugs for the ticket and I think I get the bittersweet feelings about anticipation for the bebe

  15. Oh man, sorry about the ticket :(
    The 3 months until any day now will fly by-enjoy this time!

  16. I think that all cops are grumpier these days. I blame budget cuts. No free coffee in the break room to keep them happy... and the closure of one too many diners. No worries! Bunny will turn out fine! -Amanda

  17. I think God/Nature helps with #5. I remember at about 5-7 months thinking, I could be pregnant forever, and love it. But by month 9-all I could think was "get this baby out of me." I really recall realizing that it's probably helpful to feel that way; it eases the transition to motherhood.

  18. OH man... lame about the ticket Keshet!!! I haven't gotten one yet and really try not to. Although I do find it miraculous I haven't yet. I'm not a perfect driver by any means. ;)

    Only three more months! I'm sure your anticipation right now will be replaced with much love and joy. It will all just naturally flow. And I hear ya about the everyday. I finally had to change what I do at work because I was getting so burnt out.

    Love this post! I might have to join in sometime. :)

  19. I so understand #5 - I loved being pregnant (until it got really uncomfortable) and was worried I'd miss the baby belly. Believe me, holding that baby is so much better. :) Congrats!

  20. #1 is great practice for the mommy days. trust me. hahaha!
    i am SO excited for you keshet! xxo

  21. thanks for taking time to stop by and read my post!
    congrats on the pregnancy!! that seems like such a looong time ago to me! ;) You're right...life does move along way too quickly!! enjoy it!!
    and sorry about that ticket ;)

  22. I like reading honest posts too. :) I'm sorry to hear about your ticket! I can't believe it's about to be any day now for your little bunny.

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