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Friday, April 22, 2011

Scarlet Lime April!

It's coming a little late this month, but here are my Scarlet Lime April kit layouts!

(you can blame the delay on Passover + USPS, which now absolutely positively refuses to leave packages at my door. I might resort to leaving pleading, pathetic letters taped to the door. Thoughts?)

The main kit is full of delicious new stuff, like Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe and Cosmo Upcycle. I just loved playing with it.

Here's what I did with the kit (note: the alpha never made it into my package, so I gave my Thicker stash some love and substituted my own).

I'm getting kind of hungry just blogging about this pie! It's made with strawberries and blackberries and some lime zest, which adds a little kick. The blog where I got the recipe is no more, sadly, but if you're interested, I can email the recipe!

I used an EK Success heart punch to death on this layout, creating dimensional hearts.

As you can see, I'm still working out what to do with all of my Disney photos. I decided to create this "disney at a glance" layout using one photo to highlight each park we visited. I added some journaling about the highlight of each park. I plan to create more specific layouts about each memory, but this way the basics are all down!

And now, the Frugal Fab! I'm in love with yellow lately, so this kit and me were a match made in heaven:)

This was my first layout with the kit. I highlighted a quote that resonates with me: In each journey of your life, you must be where you are. You may only be passing through on your way to somewhere else seemingly more important--nevertheless, there is purpose in where you are right now. --Rabbi Tzvi Freedman

I created a layout for this quote because I need the reminder that THIS moment, THIS experience in life, is valuable, and not just a "waiting station" on the way to being a mom.

(excuse the blechy photo. Need more light over here, please!)

Brief note on this closeup--to create this label, I cut a rub-on into pieces and placed it in the arrangement I wanted (originally, the "bloom" was on top of the "where you are planted." I was worried the rub-on + sticker combo wouldn't work, but it went on just fine!)

This last photo is a little ode to my snow day snack this winter--smoothies! Kind of a strange winter snack, but they were delicious!

Well, that covers it for today!

What are YOU planning for this weekend?
PS--my friend Diana is doing a series of posts on the scrapbooking basics--super helpful for any new scrappers who are asking for help!


  1. Gorgeous layouts Keshet! That fruit party look soooo yummy!!

  2. Love them all...but especially the "right now" LO! Great job!!

  3. Thanks for the shout out :-)
    I love that quote by Rabbi Freedman. It's now my FB status and I will definitely do a LO with it too. (Will be sure to give you appropriate credit, of course;-)
    The frugal fab kit is awesome. If I weren't so overstashed I'd be tempted to buy it. I'm crazy about yellow right now too.

  4. Love the Rabbi Freedamn quote! I need to remember that sometimes too.
    Well it's Easter weekend so church, food family and FOOD!
    Also my baby brother and sister turn 19 (the legal drinking age in Canada) so we older siblings and our friends are taking them out for drinks and dancing.

  5. Love them all! I especially like the layout of you with your camera. I too am a little bit in love with yellow at the moment. I love mixing it with grey. By the way I do tape regular notes to my front door for my postmen and as long as I tip them at Christmas I always get my packages! :)

  6. Love the yellow and you made a Scarlet Lime Layout with your Scarlet Lime kit about your Scarlet Lime pie, yes I am that dorky!

  7. Gorgeous layouts, Keshet! So pretty and colorful. :)

  8. Great layouts!! That kit looks wonderful :)

  9. What fun layouts! My favorite was the "summer" one--the colors make me want something cold and fruity to drink!

  10. Love that quote - definitely one I should read often. Darling layouts!

  11. Great treatment of the ribbon in the first LO! I like that your pages are always so thoughtful! Hugs friend! PS -waiting station #2: waiting until we are done paying for daycare so that we can afford the rest of our lives ;) I am not complaining, just waiting ;)

  12. lovely layouts keshet as always! love the layers and borders ;o)

  13. Gorgeous layouts as always...LOVE those dimensional hearts! Why does USPS not leave packages at your door? What's up with that?

  14. fantastic layouts. i love the kits. I'm drawn to yellow too.. =)

  15. Lovely layouts Keshet - I am hyper busy this weekend trying to make a dent in all this DT work once & for all so that I can try to be less frazzled every evening when I am trying to tackle them!!

  16. that right now layout is my fave, you are so photogentic. Those clear cosmo tiny type are awesome.

  17. Great quote!!
    Love all these layouts! The colors are gorgeous!

  18. Always love your 'right now' layouts the best!


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