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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

WCS June (and a birthday!)

Today is not only the day of the June gallery reveal over at Write. Click. Scrapbook, but it's also the website's second birthday!

( Can you find me in there? I'm the one who clearly did not write her letter thick enough. I really need to work on my letter-collage-participant skillz.)

Not only that, but WCS has a new site design, and FIVE new members! They are Alexandra Sirugue-Macleod, Claudia "Clouds" Shadler, and some of my near and dear scrappy buddies--Christa Pastenbaugh, Lisa Kisch, and Marcy Penner.

The challenge for June was to get inspired by a previous WCS post of some sort. I love the Sunday photos + words feature, so I went with that.

Here's my inspiration piece:
And here's what I did with it:

I loved the quote, and the simple design of the original image, so I kept the layout of my page fairly similar. I used lots of layering and bits and pieces behind the photo to add some va-voom.

And a little close-up:

I have a new obsession with closeup, sneaky images--they just look so pretty!

Check out the rest of the WCS gallery here.

And that's all for tonight! S is at work late for what seems like the 8,654th day in a row, but whose counting. I, on the other hand, am keeping excellent company with the Real Housewives of Orange County, New York, and possibly soon New Jersey. Good times:) I also have plenty of upcoming blog posts to keep me busy, so stay tuned!

Question: Do YOU like seeing close-up images, or just the main layout? If you blog/post layouts online, do you do one or both?


  1. I loved your layout for WCS today! I saw it this morning and it was one of my faves :)

  2. Keshet, that's such a beautiful layout.

  3. Love your layout! So pretty! :)

  4. Love the layout!....beautiful picture and a perfect proverb!...close ups are always appreciated....to get a better look at the details LOL

  5. Beautiful layout, great take on the inspiration. That quote is really good, I'll have to bookmark it.

    I like close up shots, it's great to see some of the details better - for example I would never have noticed the staples on your LO if not for the detail shot and they are a great touch. Close ups also often make it easier to see the dimension on a page. I try to always post detail shots of my layouts as well as a main photo. x

    P.S. have you seen my giveaway?: http://bit.ly/j3YSwi

  6. I also post closeups and full layouts pictures. :) Very pretty layout!

  7. very fun! I actually post both close ups on the details and a full picture of the layout because I like both!

  8. I loooooove close-up photos, but you may have already figured that out from reading my blog. :) I love the chance to see dimension.

  9. I spoted you right off ;) What a neat thing to do.
    Love your layout, as well as your inspiration piece.

  10. I always love a full shot and 1 close up pic :) I love to see the details!

    I am in love with Orange County Real Housewives, after all they are the pioneers :P I haven't been able to get into the other housewives shows yet though.

    Great layout. I feel inspired by it. Perhaps I'll finally scrap this weekend, or I guess I could do homework, darn!

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  11. The candle layout is so pretty! Thank you for the inspiration!

  12. I like seeing up close shots because I usually notice something I missed before, but I hardly ever take them lol.

  13. I love this layout. Note to self-try strips of paper behind a photo.
    I like close ups. They always looks artsy, the colors are always a little brighter, and you can see the texture.

    I do live in NYC, BTW.

  14. Your layout is a phenomenal take on the inspo photo!

  15. i like seeing both! .... and i do both of them. close ups are great!!

  16. close-up photos are just fantastic. they are a such a great teaser and leads everyone to want to see the whole thing revealed


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