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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Project Life--a bit about the bandwagon

There's been so much talk about Project Life in blogland lately, but I've been mostly staying quiet about it. I wanted to try it in my own way and just see how that worked. So without further ado, here's my "Keshet-ized" version of Project Life. . . . .

My title page:

As you can see, I'm using mostly the Clementine kit from Becky Higgins LLC, and adding in bits from my stash. My main concerns about trying Project Life were that (a) it would feel like homework (and I had enough of that in law school, thank you!) and (b) it would be a crazy thing to attempt with a new baby. My solution? I decided to do only one side of a page protector every week. I also have more of a "week at a glance" than daily approach--I don't care if all my photos are from one day of the week.

Here is my Week One:

As you can see, it's pretty basic. Photos, label stickers, journaling cards, washi tape, and a bit of life ephemera (I'm going to do a follow up post on my "must have" supplies for Project Life, so stay tuned for that!).

Week Two:

As you can see, I love those label stickers! I also included our weekly menu plan for some fun variation.

Week Three:
I had fun focusing on mundane things this week--a grocery store, my lunch, even the anti-itch cream I was using (I had a nasty case of PUPPS if you care to know).

Week Four:

I photographed some granola bars for this one--in my defense, they were really good and extra exciting because they were diabetic friendly! I also used a bunch of Elle's Studio tags on this one--I've been breaking them out more and more over the weeks. And in the top left, you can see a shot from our hospital tour! Who would have thought we'd be back just a few days later...

Week Five:

I normally use a single side of a page protector, but Ellie's surprise birth warranted a double page spread! I have bits of the birth story here and some hospital photos. I also added in a "white space" card to this layout, and I love the effect! I kept it really simple and reinforced the color scheme.

Week Six:
One of the great things about doing Project Life with a baby is that there is no shortage of photos to choose from! I printed a few of my favorites of the approximately 12 billion photos I took of e that week and added them in with some decor elements. I'm a big fan of the decor elements because they let the eye rest AND make doing a weekly PL page even more manageable. Double win!

Although I mostly use the kit, I love adding in elements from my stash, like this October Afternoon journaling card and button:

Each week, I create a "title page" journaling card that I keep pretty standard. I mix up the journaling card and decorative elements, but I always use little Sassafrass stickers for the title (I have around 40 of those from kits!) and stamp the date with my Smash roller stamp (although the new Dear Lizzy one would be super cute too!).

I also like to note how many weeks pregnant I was, or how many weeks old Ellie is. Helps me keep track:)

And again, the Elle's Studio tags are a fantastic addition--add to the story and so much fun to use design-wise!

And there you have it--my approach to Project Life. Quick, easy and doable in a leisurely hour on a Sunday. I'm hoping I can keep up with it when I go back to work!

Are YOU doing Project LIfe? Why or why not?


  1. Doing. Loving. And I think your approach rocks - and it's gorgeous.

  2. Doing it as well. Love love your pages :)

  3. Not doing it - considered it but ultimately decided not to this year. But love your pages!

  4. I'm doing it too. I went back and forth and decided to do it. I actually love it. I love surfing the Internet to see everyone else's version too.

  5. Oh wow, I think your PL is lovely!
    I love how it shows life with your baby so far.
    I personally was to scared to give PL a go. I don't think I'd be able to keep up with it.

  6. I did a December Daily for the first time and was so happy with it, I didn't even think about starting PL. I wish I had. Maybe I can start mid-year, or maybe just wait until next year.

    I noticed on your week two menu that you had eggplant rigatoni? I would LOVE that recipe! :)

  7. Super cute! Im still haning on the project 12, but I may try project life next year.

  8. Project Life with a newborn?? You are a rockstar!!!
    I am doing it...keeping it quiet, as well. I've decided only to post it on my blog. I don't want to get caught up in the hype of whose is the best, etc. It's just for ME!

  9. Keshet you have made my day! I love your simple style for PL. I am amazed you a doing it with a newborn but am glad you are finding some me and creative time!
    I am doing PL and I love it. I am managing a double spread each week at this stage. My favourite part is that my daughter (who turns two tomorrow) loves looking through it. She looks at the pages every single day and tells me about the people and places we have seen. Ellie will love it too in the years to come, I am sure.

  10. project life is awesome. wish i had that in the old days. now my children are all growed up.... don't stop scrapping though. it's fun for those of us who need inspiration. how's the babes? enjoy!

  11. this brought a smile to my face and I needed one of those today, so thanks

  12. Wonderful! I have to admit that I don't really want to do project life. It just doesn't draw me in creatively, although I love so much of what other people have created.

  13. I love your PL! Bunny is so precious! :-)

  14. These are fabulous! IF I was doing PL (which I am not!), I would do it more like your style!! Love it!!

  15. loving your style of PL, Keshet! Ellie is a gem!

  16. I love your interpretation of Project Life and all the creative touches! I did PL in 2009 and 2010, took a break in 2011, and was thinking about doing it again this year but was a bit overwhelmed with the breaking up of the kit and having to purchase pieces separately. I think I'm still going to go for it though... sadly looks like I'll have to wait till April now since a ton of stuff just sold out, AGAIN!

  17. Your PL album is wonderful!
    And what an amazing time for you to do it!
    You will be able to keep up with all the baby milestones easier I would think.

    I haven't started yet. I really want to do it and don't mind seeing all the posts, because I have seen so many great ideas.
    But I am thinking of starting in May when my husband starts traveling again for work. That way he can get an idea of what our week is like when he is gone!

  18. omg you too?
    They got to all the great scrappers with this thing, didn't they?
    Yes, I am doing it, but with regular cardstock and all from my stash (ie no special album pages etc). Which isn't what BH & co are aiming for, but that's what all the hype has done for me. I love seeing all the PLs from all my favourite scrappers, and am inspired enough to do a little PL of my own as a result, and yours is lovely and inspiring too.

  19. Doing it. I'm focusing lots on the photos, as I'm not good at journaling. I usually use a double spread per week, but have two weeks with just one page each. I usually make the spread on Sundays.

    My PL is really simple - I'm not one for lots of embellishments.

  20. I love your PL! I love all the tags and label stickers!

  21. This looks great. Love your approach. Wish I had done project life when I had a new baby. Didn't even know about it then but what a great way to document your first year together. Found your blog via 2 peas. Love the Peas!


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