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Friday, October 5, 2012

A Real Live......


Yes, it's true. This scrapbooking blog finally has some actual, honest-to-goodness, real live scrapbooking on it!  I have been scrapping a fair bit between Project Life and layouts, so I can't wait to share!

I whipped up this layout a few weeks ago, when I was feeling nostalgic over pregnancy photos:

Just some basic math on this one:)  I used bits and pieces of Studio Calico's City of Lights kit and had a blast making this!

Here are some close-ups:

I love the girly colors.  And I used up a kit, which is always good news:)

In other news, 3 holidays have passed but there's one more coming up. So excuse me again while I continue to sit in my hut (see my last post) and have some holiday fun!

Tell me, have YOU had time to scrapbook lately?


  1. I've barely had time to scrap lately, but now that I've jumped on board with kit clubs, I've been receiving happy mail during the month, and it's forced me to make time to scrap. After doing homework each weekend, I stay up REALLY, really late, and I scrapbook! I've been finishing at least one LO per week, which is great for me since I'm enrolled in 6 hours this semester, plus my mommy duties and work of course.

  2. This is a great layout. We didn't have many pregnant pics of me.

  3. Cute layout. I'm still behind scrapping those photos about my pregnancy 2 yrs ago, but almost up to date with a few of H's photos.
    Happy Friday, Keshet. Your baby girl is so adorable!!

  4. Sweet layout and pic! Love the simple math! ;)

    thanks for stopping by my blog and the kind comments! :)
    Take care you,

  5. I love the math :) and yay for finishing off a kit! We got photos taken together when I was pregnant with my older daughter, and I have some nice ones of my daughter and me pregnant this time, but none with hubby :( I thought we'd get some at my daughter's birthday party but I was so busy that I forgot to ask the photographer specifically to get a couple of us. Too late now, since BabyM was born on Monday :P

    But, we're getting family pictures on Friday so I'm really excited about that :D

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