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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Festival of Light

Chanuka, one of my favorite holidays of the year, is right now.

I love Chanuka. Why? Well, happy music and sparkling candles aren't a bad start. And a holiday celebrating oil, with a particular focus on donuts? Sign me up!

But even though it can get lost sometimes in the chaos of this season, the meaning of Chanuka is so beautiful to me. It's about the miraculous. About that shock and surprise, when what you need and hope for the most, but you really don't think is going to happen for you, is suddenly there. 

G-d's miracles are sometimes big productions, like a ragtag Jewish warrior group winning the battle against the entire Greek army. And sometimes they are so cleverly hidden you could almost miss them--like a candleabra that burns for eight days, or a healthy pregnancy, or a sweet, small girl that continues to grow healthy and happy.

Wishing you a happy Chanuka, and a year full of miracles.

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What are YOU hoping for this year?


  1. Adorable photo!

    Happy Chanuka to you and your family!

  2. Your blog is always such a joy to read. And your little girl is adorable!
    I love Chanuka too, we have a couple of small menorahs and love to light the candles each night. Our Synagogue just had our Chanuka dinner and the fellowship is so wonderful. Such a joyful time each year!
    Chag Sameach to you!

  3. Beautiful thoughts! And baby! I said thank you out loud last night when I was holding my son thinking what a miracle it is that he's here. Funny how in tune this is with my own thoughts today- thanks for sharing

  4. Happy Chanuka! Hope you're enjoying a great festival!

  5. She is precious, Keshet : ) Happy days to you!

  6. Happy Happy Chanuka to you and is that little sweetheart ever adorable?!!? She looks just like you - totally the same smile, I love it!


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