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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What She Says....Right Now

A few weeks ago, I whipped up a little layout to document the words and phrases Ellie has been saying lately. 

Since it might be hard to read on the layout itself, I'll include them here:
  • Mommy
  • Daddy 
  • Clap clap 
  • Quack quack 
  • Beep beep
  • Wheeee!
  • Ba-BEE (baby)
  • Go-go (goldfish)

Some new additions this week include "ball," "book," and "tree" :)

The talking has been a lot of fun so far:)

What has been new and exciting for YOU this week?


  1. Love the look she's giving you! Very cute layout! Lizzy has started to cry in syllables, won't be long before she starts talking too!

  2. you are such an amazing scrapper. you get it right every time

  3. This is so precious and so sweet! LOVE IT!

  4. I always struggle with those speech bubbles...great theme and adorable photo. Terrific layout

  5. Awesome, love the speech bubbles :)

  6. that is a darling photo and page

  7. What a cute layout and adorable photo!

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