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Monday, August 19, 2013

Winner & A Pregnancy Update

First things first....I have the winner for the BPC class!

Love the look of the new blog! I can always use help with journaling, thanks for the chance to win!]
Congratulations, Heather! Email me at keshet.starr@gmail.com for your class code!
I've been meaning to do a pregnancy update for a while, so here we are!

How far along are you?

21 weeks!

Thankfully, no more morning sickness, although it stuck around until 17 weeks or so. Feeling VERY tired, but otherwise good. 

Total Weight Gain/Loss

Er, not sure how I feel about this question:) I kid. I think I'm about 10 pounds up so far. 

Maternity clothes?

Um, yes. I know a lot of people have negative views on maternity clothes, but I am ALL ABOUT embracing the elastic waist for 9 months! I love my maternity wardrobe and am glad to be back in it. Most of my clothes are from Motherhood Maternity because I like many of their styles and the price point is fantastic. I'm currently debating picking up this top:

Stretch Marks?

Not yet!


This one has been a bit tricky. I have the same restless leg thing I had when I was pregnant with Ellie, and that can keep me up some nights. But after reading a lot of suggestions online, I've started eating a banana every night before bed and it's helped so much!


Yes, especially when I wake up in the morning!  Baby has been more quiet the past day or two and I'm freaking out a little bit, so hoping it picks up today!

Food Cravings or Aversions?

Not too many cravings, but I'm still rarely in the mood for chicken. And I still looooooove my red meat:) 


We know, but we're keeping it a secret! We found out via a tiny gender reveal cake for just us:)  Can't wait to share the photos of it once little Peanut has arrived!

Baby Buys?

Nothing yet, but I've been heavily researching double strollers and baby carriers. If anyone has advice on those topics, I'll gladly take it!

And because I think this post needs another picture, here's a recent shot of my firstborn baby!

Doesn't she look BIG?

What's on YOUR mind this week?


  1. congrats and your little one is so cute.. thanks for sharing..

  2. Awww...so cute! Is she excited to be a big sister?!

  3. Congrats, they do grow up so quickly :)

  4. Keshet, I'm sorry I haven't said this before, but: SQUEEEE! I'm so happy for you! Congrats, and what a cute pregnant belly!

  5. Congrats! So much fun to be had. My little people are going into grade 3 and SK. How did that happen? We are gearing up for the start of school in a few short weeks!

  6. i adore that photo of your tummy, Keshet! you're so cute!

  7. She does look big, and like her daddy! Your tummy is looking so cute, love the update. And the new blog look :)

  8. Love that tummy shot! What a perfect belly! I hope you are getting rest, pregnancy with a toddler is very different that your first time! Ellie is looking adorable as usual. :)

  9. Cuteness overload!!! Between your bump and Ellie I am smiling from ear to ear:) sooooo happy for you!

  10. Cuteness overload!!! Between your bump and Ellie I am smiling from ear to ear:) sooooo happy for you!

  11. Your belly and your sweet Ellie are so cute!! Glad you are over the morning sickness - it's the worst!

  12. You look great!! So happy for you!


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