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Friday, March 6, 2015


Lately, WE . . .

have been hosting up a storm (these photos are from a post-wedding party for a couple we're friends with)

(easiest dessert ever!)

HE. . . . .

is pretty much the cutest baby ever (see below).

He is REALLY busy, REALLY into everything, but mostly really happy.

SHE. . . . . 

is starting to become quite the young lady.  (And sometimes quite the diva.)  But she has a hilarious sense of humor and personality. 

HE. . . . . 

Is rocking fatherhood as per usual.

(Costume explanations to come soon.)

And I. . . . . 

Just went on my first business trip, all the way to L.A. And I was slightly terrified to be away from my kids for two full days, but you know what? It was great. And I READ THE WHOLE PLANE RIDE. And nobody cried:) So all-in-all a success!

And that's what WE have been up to lately!

What is going on in YOUR life today?


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