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About Me


I'm Keshet.

I love to blog about all of my favorite things: baking, scrapbooking, family, my faith (I'm an Orthodox Jew) and the little moments that make everyday life so beautiful.

My hubby and I have been married almost five years.

Photo Credit: Alexis Hardy Photography

We're both lawyers, but contrary to public opinion, we don't argue all that much:) But when we do, it's very organized--ha!

After several years of infertility, we welcomed our Eliana Bluma (Ellie for short) in February 2012.

We've had so much fun enjoying life as a family of three!

(Well, some of us cooperate more than others!)

And now, we're enjoying our life in New Jersey and gearing up for our next adventure:

Baby #2 is expected in December, G-d willing!

Follow along with our adventures, and chime in--I love getting to know people through blogging!


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