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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

This is What I Did on my Winter Vacation

ie, more scrapping!
The page above is about our one year anniversary, and the one below is basically about how I like to eat Chinese food and watch movies at the same time. I'm a simple gal at heart--doesn't take that much to make me happy!

Some the "scrapper's insecurity" I've discussed in past posts has resurfaced again lately. I think it's tied to dealing with fertility issues--I feel like if I can't have a baby, then can't I at least have this? Just this one thing? I'm reminding myself that everyone's life has its own path, and what is meant for me will come to me at the right time. And that I primarily create pages because I like it:)

In the meantime, making pages about fertility has helped me actually deal with my emotions instead of funneling them into random things (like an obsessive need to be published).

And I love the fact that one day my kids will go through these albums, these all these pages of longing for them, and know how much they were wanted.


  1. Beautiful layouts! I love the first one!

  2. that first page is just gorgeous.

    just keep scrapping, and keep it coming from the heart - and it will fall into place. =)

  3. Your layouts are lovely. As for your thoughts on scrapping, I can relate. Sometimes I think, even though I don't know the "fate" of my layouts, there's nothing quite like the rush and the thrill of just falling into the process of creating. If it makes me happy, then I shouldn't be concerned about how others react. I don't think that's selfish; it's actually a form of self-preservation at times for me. It's not so much about WHY I scrap as much as it is THAT I scrap.


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