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Monday, January 4, 2010

You're In For a Doozy...

Of layouts, that is! These are more from "the Columbus period"--ie, the week I spent visiting my family where all of my down time was occupied with watching TV and scrapping in between family outings:)

The layout above is about the growing bond between my sister and husband--since Orthodox Jews tend not to date for too long (we were marathon-daters at 5 months) and my family lives far away, they really didn't get to know Steve that well before we got married. But the more they know him, the more they love him--and I can't say I blame them:)

This page is about an awesome kosher coffee shop in Teaneck. If you like coffee, you should hit this place up. Or even if you don't like coffee. Just go.

This page is pretty self-explanatory!

This last page is a total and shameless lift of Jenn Olson (whose page was way cuter, so you should check it out! It's in the Studio Calico Orchestra gallery.)

If you've read this far, bravo! And thanks for looking!


  1. gorgeous pages. there is a lazy bean cafe around where i live too! ha!


  2. Fabulous pages!! I love the banner especially on the dessert page :)

  3. these are all fab - the first one is my fave. =)


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