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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays and some Q & A

The past week included my first ever DT page for Sketchy Thursdays! To be quite honest, I had some anxiety about living up to my DT role and ended up creating a page that I like, but don't LOVE. Add to that the fact that the lighting was awful so I don't like the photo and I was breaking into a sweat! But end of the day, I've been wanting to get this story down for a while.

"Sheva Brachos" is a tradition we have in Judaism where for the seven days after a wedding, the bride and groom go to dinners/parties every night where seven blessings are recited, wishing them a happy and loving marriage. Our week (like most people's!) was a crazy whirlwind, with fancy dinners interspersed with frantic trips to courthouses in order to get legally married before the new year for tax purposes. Which was apparently a popular move, because the courthouses were CROWDED. Ugh. By the time the week ended, I was so tired I pretty much only had energy to munch on cinnamon sticks from Pizza Professor (which is the sort of thing I always MAKE energy for, anyhow).

This page documents what we did every day that week--which went perfectly with these stickers from Crate's Restoration line!

And here's the sketch I based it on:

And before we go, I've been saving some questions to answer in posts, so here goes:

Are your wigs all real? (I really have no idea about how wigs work.) Are they really expensive?

The answer is yes--they're all real in the sense that they're all human hair. But not from one person (that would creep me out a little), they're made from general blends of hair. As for cost, they are pretty expensive! They vary from about $400 for a crazy cheap wig that you need to wear with a hat to $4,000 and up! Mine range from $750 to $1800. I bought two of them when I got married and budgeted them in my wedding costs, and I purchased the third about a year and a half later.

My question would be do you wear them (or something else) only when you're going out or all the time?

I wear something on my hair when I'm going out or if I'm having company. Basically, I cover whenever other men are around. But at this point, covering my hair feels like part of getting dressed to me, so even if I was having only girls over, I'd probably wear something (wig or scarf).

What is your design process?

Ideally, I'd like three hours of uninterrupted creating time, where I can put product together and hem and haw and eventually glue things down. However, that happens around twice a year:) The rest of the time, I work on pages in smaller increments, usually after 9 or 9:30pm (I very rarely get to scrap during the day, even though I like to).

I find that I enjoy creating most when I begin with a "vision" of what I want the page to look like. Without an image of what I want the final product to be in my head, I get frustrated with the designing! But, I don't like to have too detailed plans, because then I find that things don't fit the way I thought, and get frustrated. So there you have it:)

What's YOUR process?

PS--Scarlet Lime giveaway below still open until 10pm!


  1. I know what you mean about the anxiety...but you need not worry! That page is pretty great - I love the way you expanded the grid pattern underneath, love the choice of paper and your story is awesome.
    Wow, I had not idea what wigs cost until today!

  2. Beautiful page. No worries just do what you love, thats why they picked you ;)

  3. Your layout looks great. :) I always think the layouts I make for DTs are never as good as the ones I make just for *myself*. There's something about all the pressure!!!

    Love hearing about the wigs. Those babies are expensive!!! I think we need like a wig fashion show photo set... ;)

    As for my process...uh yeah. I have no process. That might be my biggest problem! ;)

  4. You shouldn't worry about your layout... it's super cute! Congrats on making the design team!

  5. I just love your blog. I love that you incorporate your real life and scrapping into one so well.
    I'm the same way when I scrap I need a block of time. MY space is right next to my kitchen, so if the kitchen isn't clean, I have to clean that first, then I can focus on the scrapping. I usually turn on reruns of my favorite shows and then print off the pictures I want. Then I gather products, then off I go.

  6. Beautiful layout and love your misting! FUn q&a :)

  7. My process never stops! I always come up with ideas any time of day, so by the time I get to my table to work, I pretty much know what I want to do. Although I have a notebook that I keep around the house to write stuff down in, or else I'd forget my ideas (please see my Mom Brain layout for reference to this fun fact). I do have a list on my inspiration board of LO's to do. It's long and just keeps getting longer!
    I love your first DT page!

  8. Love the layout! And I love the tradition that you mentioned. I think we all need to adopt that, regardless of our background.:-) I had no clue you wore wigs. They look so natural!

  9. I love what you made for ST, and such a great story. Very cool answers to the Qs, too. Overall--a great "get to know you" post! :)

  10. I'm glad that you gave the back story to your layout! I was wondering about that when I saw it on ST! Love it. Thanks for answering the questions. Really interesting!

  11. Love the paper squares! Really lovely!

  12. Gorgeous layout, as always! I love your work! I didn't know you wore wigs. I've always wanted to try one on...you know, just for fun! :)

  13. Great layout and the misting is a neat element. I call the page a success... you created and captured a story for your family history. Cha-ching!

  14. Love the layout - i need to scraplift. Loved hearing about the wigs too - didn't know they were so darn expensive!!

  15. Fantastic LO! I always love to read more about you. Thanks for sharing with us:)


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