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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Publications and DTs, Part Deux

Well, I'm back from a whirlwind mini-vacay in NYC.

We stayed here and enjoyed a massage/swim here--and it was H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y. Really.

But now I'm back to real life and ready to talk more about DTs and publications!

{ignore my disembodied face here. Hard to know what pic to use for these kinds of posts, ya know?}

4. There's always another Train Leaving the Station

Although DT calls tend to come in droves, there really is always another train on its way! Most teams have terms of 6 months to a year, so before you know it, the same team you're dying to be on will be having another call. There was a period in May where I applied to maybe 8 design teams, all of whom were companies I loved. I didn't get any, and I was so upset, thinking I had missed my big chance. But within a few months, there was a new drove of calls out, to companies I also loved dearly. So don't get down--keep trying and remember the right opportunity might be just around the corner.

5. Beware the Green-Eyed Monster

Now this is something I almost didn't write about, since it discusses a part of my personality I'd rather do without. I get jealous. And when it comes to DTs, I got really, really jealous, especially when I felt like other people were "always" succeeding while I was "always" failing. While I wish that emotion wasn't so automatic for me sometimes, the real test is what you do with it.

So what I do is I reach out. If I'm jealous of someone, I make an enormous effort to comment on their work, encourage them, and share their joy when they do succeed. And while it may not feel totally sincere at first, within a short time I feel invested in them. And then I truly do rejoice in their successes. Jealousy can be a divisive force in the pub/DT world, but if we redirect and re-channel that emotion, we can turn jealousies into friendships.

6. Be YOU

This is the most obvious piece of advice--but also the hardest, for me. Be yourself. There already is an "Ali Edwards" (for example), so there's no point in being a stunt double for her! But there isn't another person with your artistic skills + photos + family + perspective on life + people skills. You're a unique package, and try to market your attributes, not change them.

For example, I used to think I wasn't succeeding at DTs because I didn't have any cute kids to photograph. And while I'm still working very hard on conceiving a few photo subjects (aka children), in the meantime I scrap about me--my life as a woman without children, a woman trying to have children, a woman figuring out who she is. It's the story I have to tell right now, so I just tell it.

7. But it's Still not Working!

You might read this and say "Hey, I tried all of this--but it hasn't worked." I've certainly felt that way after reading these sorts of advice posts. When I felt defeated, what it really came down to for me is faith--I believe that if G-d thought it best for me to chosen for teams right now, I would have been chosen. Regardless of your beliefs, remind yourself that sometimes there is just a time for everything, and that time comes later than we'd like it to. And if you need to vent, you have my email:)

That's all I have for now. I have really enjoyed reading all of your perspectives on this, so keep it coming!

Any final advice that YOU have?


  1. Keshet, I have such admiration for you and your honesty and sincerity. I am constantly thinking happy baby thoughts for you and S!!! :)

  2. Keshet, what a wonderful post, I´m sure you´ll be able to help and encourage alot of ladies out there who are trying to be part of a design team. It´s great that you´ve taken the time to put together this list of advice and be very sincere about these subject. TFS!

  3. I love this post! I think all of us have struggled with feelings like this at some time or other in our lives. But as you reminded us, things do happen in their own time and we sometimes have to be patient. I am so happy for your accomplishments, and I think your attitude has much to do with it.:-)

  4. I agree with all the above comments.
    It is true you can only be you. And its hard for me to believe but I am sure there are some that admire my work, as I know that there are many that admire your work.

  5. I appreciate that you took time to explain your thought process through all of the submissions. ALso, the way you felt (good & bad). I totally believe in being yourself, especially in artistic endeavors. It's amazing how much a person can embrace it & shy away themselves at the same time! I think a lot of us have this struggle.

  6. I love your #5. I love your cure for the green eyed monster, what a great idea to reach out.

  7. Wow! What great honesty! I feel in a similar boat DT wise. Tried for many, many, many over many, many, many years! Only now I've had two acceptances! I honestly believe that it was meant to be now - perhaps I wasn't ready before? And I agree - I ALWAYS stay true to my style now - no imitating anyone else!

  8. What a beautiful and honest post. It was so good to read this. I'm trying very hard to conceive photo subjects too (for 2,5 years now) ;-)
    I'll keep your words of advice in mind when I apply for DT's.
    xxx, Isolde

  9. Terrific advice. Nothing to add! Except my baby prayers for you and yours.

  10. Awesome post Keshet - I wish I had this to read back when I first started to submit. This is really usesful info and I love that you addressed the "J" word - your honesty on this topic is so refreshing.
    As always - sending thoughts and prayers your way :)

  11. I love this post, Keshtet... No advice for me, but know that your work is appreciated.. *hugs*

  12. Loving your advice. :) You're awesome.

  13. I can't give any advice as I haven't made it there yet! I liked what you said about jealousy. I get SO jealous as well! We're trying to conceive here too...no luck yet & it has been 6 months. Still trying in all aspects of life!

  14. Thank so *so* much for this post! You are totally amazing!! I love how honest and sweet you are. Thank you. :)

  15. i love how you have a way with words. i agree and the most important thing is be yourself and scrap your way. everyone's style is different & that is important. i think jealously is inherent in all of us, it's how we channel it and use it in a positive way that is important.

    i love your photo b/w...cool perspective if i did that today than i would have a big fat zit LOL! ooh yes, i am going to CHA..are you????

  16. Wow, what a post! I had to go back and reread your first posts about DT's. You are totally right on the money. I really love your outlook, and can totally agree with everything you said. Congrats on the DT's! You deserve each and every one of them!

  17. Such a great post! Very happy for you on your recent DT successes. I love your suggestion on beating the Green Eyed Monster. :)

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