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Sunday, December 26, 2010

SC Wishlist--and an Assortment of Layout

Studio Calico reveal is almost upon us (which is SO unfair, because I have only made two layouts with the December kit and NEED MORE TIME! Ack!), so I'm sharing some items on my wish list. (Okay, okay--Studio Calico is also having a little giveaway related to listing items from your wishlist. Pure coincidence (wink, wink))

I'd love to try this paint dabber--it's like painting for people who don't feel like getting out a brush, little dish and cup of water. Which is totally me.
Rumor has it that this stick candy ink matches the January kit perfectly:

I've been wanting this punch for ages and ages, but haven't bit the bullet yet.

Cloud punches--need I say more?

And because this is a scrapbook MAKING blog, instead of a scrapbook SHOPPING blog, here are some layouts:

I created this for Write. Click. Scrapbook last month--you can see the full gallery here.

This is an old layout I created for Who's That Girl and forgot to share. Made with the Studio Calico September kit.

Hope you all had a great holiday and weekend! S and I are currently snowed in, and taking the opportunity to scrap (me), watch movies (us), drink milkshakes (us), read (mostly S), and take hour-long showers (all me, baby).

Life is good.

What are YOU doing today?


  1. If you get those paint dabbers let us know how they are they are tempting.

  2. Hour long shower, wow. Do you still have hot water, lol.
    Had another family dinner tonight. I love when I don't have to cook ;)
    Both of your layouts are so nice.

  3. We're snowed in too! Ack! I think I'll go with your plan and scrap! BEAUTIFUL LO's:) Love the banner on that first one:)

  4. Cute layouts. The paint dabber looks fun.

  5. I need to get me some paint dabbers, I've been wanting to try them out.

  6. I'm going out for scrapbook shopping on Wednesday!!! So looking forward to it.
    xxx Isolde

  7. We're all snowed in here too. Your wish list could be mine - lol! I've wanted a punch like that! The JBS dabbers are GREAT. The colors are to die for! I just used Brown Sugar and Stick Candy on a project and I'm in LOVE!
    Beautiful layouts! I love the circle banner!

  8. I love your wish list! Now I really want that cloud punch! :0)
    Great layouts!

  9. I can't wait to see what you do with the paint dabbers! And here you are scrapping! I have a layout on my desk staring at me in the face....Hopefully I can get a move on with it soon!!! Seeing your stuff gives me inspiration!

  10. Cute pages--the first one looks yummy!

  11. Great wishlist. I want to try the dabbers too but haven't yet. Awesome pages!

  12. Love what's on your list - I just got that JB ink, so that's good news!

  13. now I want to shop!! :)
    Love your layouts!

  14. Wow, awesome LO's! Love the colorfulness and all the details~

  15. Such well designed layouts!! And that challah looks delicious!

  16. I have barely touched my last 3 SC kits yet still have the audacity to purchase add ons! I must be stopped!!
    Your pages are great, as usual! I just love all the color you use :)
    We were snowed in, too. I would love to have had a milkshake!


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