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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sour and Sweet

This has been the week from you-know-where. If you're wondering what that entails, just think getting lost, nearly missing a crucial interview, getting ogled by teenage boys while walking on a deserted street in Brooklyn, a stolen wallet, and public vomiting, and you get the idea.

And yes, it's only Tuesday. Sigh.

So to distract myself from my many troubles, I figured I'd focus on something simple and pretty.

I created this layout below for Sketchy Thursdays, and even though I can't get a decent photo of it to save my life, I love it. It's about my wonderful view at CHA of the wall of thickers.

I used some delicious new Elle's Studio Handmade Layers on this--love that stuff!

This week I'll debut my final Sketchy Thursdays layout for a while. I love being part of Sketchy Thursdays, but I chose not to reapply to leave more time for other time commitments. I look forward to playing along when I can though!

What do YOU do to feel better after an awful day (or week)? I can use ideas!


  1. was this at cha or is this YOURS?!

  2. Wowza...that is a lot of thickers!

  3. Oh wow, that is week from hell. Get your hubby to give yo a good massage, take a hot bath and read a book. I love that page too.

  4. and by yo I mean you of course lol

  5. Hope the rest of he week will be much better! Adorable layout!

  6. I hope the rest of the week goes better for you! Love that you did a LO on Thickers - very cute! :)

  7. Oooo i would love a wall of thickers.....there is nothing sweeter!!
    Great layout..........

  8. Ohh girl - I am sorry to hear about your bad day. Cute layout though.

  9. Hope the rest of the week will be better for you!
    xxx Isolde

  10. oh keshet- all of that sounds awful- and in one week??? Hope the week gets better! that layout is adorable! and i agree about the thickers!

  11. I've had weeks like that~hang in there~it gets better! Your LO is super cute~I love thickers too!!!

  12. oh yes I agree the Thickers wall was great - which is why I bought so many LOL

  13. Awww Keshet! *cyber hug*!!!! I am a firm believer in retail therapy! LOL...however, if your wallet was stolen, that is probably difficult...since all your cards have to be reissued! Oh and DMV time to replace the driver's liscence...unless you have a NJ one, then they will probably mail you one! Maybe you need a good glass of wine, too!

  14. Sorry your rough got off the such a rough start! Sounds like you need a glass of wine, a bowl of ice cream and a funny movie (Due Date perhaps?). LOve the layout too -a wall of Thickers def deserves it's own page to shine!

  15. omheck - i hope the week gets better from here!!!!

    love the page!

  16. Hope your week gets better. When the going gets tough, I try to find blocks of time where I can let myself do nothing. Then shower, pj's, a blanket, and tv, or a movie, or a book.

  17. I love this layout and I completely agree about the thickers!

  18. Long, hot bath and a good book. Or I retreat to my scrap room for awhile. Hope next week is much, much better!

  19. omg. what a week. hugs and prayers. love your lo!

  20. i enjoy time watching a movie or reading a book. always make me feel a little better.

  21. love love the perspective of that photo! hope next week is a bit better for you ;)

  22. That page is awesome! I tend to scrap or I love a run when I've had a rotten day!

  23. Hugs sweet friend! when things are going crappy I escape and have time to myself.Love your page!

  24. that is possibly the cutest layout of all time.

    and a mini confession - i may be turning into a cougar....b/c when teenage boys oogle me I (honestly) think "Mmmm hmmmm I still got it"

  25. Sorry this week isn't the best, but I hope the end of it brightens up for you. Do something for yourself to make it better. Maybe another pedi is in order??

  26. Wow! You HAVE had a bad week.

    We've loved having you on the ST team! I hope to see you play along often!

  27. Nice layout.
    I take a hot tub, by candle light and read a book in the tub....looks like you need one after your day. Wowzers.

  28. So sorry! I hope the rest of your week goes much better! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love the LO :0)

  29. Well, it's Thursday now and I hope your week has gotten better! Love the layout and the Thickers photo!

  30. Oh boo, what a bum week! Hope it gets better! :)

  31. Oh, I'm sorry for your bad week! I loved the layout, though :) I just love how you took something that most people would see as unimportant and silly and just celebrated how *happy* it makes *you*. I love it!
    Have a lovely rest-of-the-week! :)

  32. Oh man, sorry to hear about your week Keshet. Those are definite do over weeks!!
    Love the layout!

  33. I saw this layout and thought it was so darn cute. love that picture. i would be in heaven and wouldn't that be awesome to have a wall of thickers of your own??? I'll have to suffer with a box full.. lol. =)

  34. Poor thing. What a week it's been so far. Oh wel, if it's any comfort the LO is fab! That photo is inspired.

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