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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scarlet Lime March!

Happy Sunday, everyone! We just got home from a fun-filled day of jetting around town, and I can finally pop in!

I realized I hadn't shared my Scarlet Lime layouts for March, which is crazy, because the kit is bee-yoo-tiful.

See what I mean? I normally don't keep kits together for very long, but for this one, I couldn't bear to take it apart.

My first layout is an ode to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. During my trip to Los Angeles for CHA, after which I couldn't get home for two days due to the giant snowstorm in the middle of the country, I spent some time with LA friends and enjoyed my first ever visit to this coffee chain.

And why might this be so exciting? Because everything in the store is kosher! EVERYTHING!

I was thrilled to get a nice little snack (in this case, a waffle with nutella) along with my coffee. And there was an outdoor fireplace, which I enjoyed until I noticed a sign saying that fireplace smoke can affect certain bodily functions like fertility--so I moved. Fertility treatments will do that sort of thing to you.

People told me I would love my Tiny Attacher, and they're right--I used it on the letters here to add a bit of visual interest.

This layout is a new take on the double page layout for me--a double page 81/2 X 11 version. I like it because the space is less overwhelming.

Here, I was out of "e"s, so I used the cutout of the letter and backed it with patterned paper. It was a fortuitous mistake, because now I love the pop of color!

The Frugal Fab kit this month was also fun to work with!

Even though the kit had a lot of school themed items in it, I used it for a love layout here below. If you're interested, I gave more background to this layout in a Scarlet Lime blog post.

LOVE man/woman icons. So fun.

This next layout is about a subject that gives my husband heart palpitations--going back to school (something about those student loans, I think).

If I ever do end up back at school, I'll let ya know.

Question: If YOU could go back to school for anything, what would it be?


  1. love your coffee bean layout- i definitely need to get a tiny attacher of my own!

    also, thanks for the comment on my business cards! :) if you ever need to order any, come to short hills papyrus & i'll give you a discount!

  2. I love my Tiny Attacher too! I used it so much more than I ever imagined.

  3. I love these layouts- especially your "e" for the Disney layout!
    If I was going back to school, I'd go for library science so I could be a librarian and play with books all day. :)

  4. These are great! Love the 2pager!

  5. Simple beautiful, Keshet! I love your style.

  6. How cool to see these pages on your blog since I saw you make them! They are great and I had no idea fireplace smoke could effect fertility!
    If I could go back to school - it would be for either graphic design or photography :)

  7. I'm 'supposed' to go back for a Master's in Tax for my job, but I've been avoiding the topic! I already have a Master's in Accounting and do not want to go back for another! (Maybe if there was a raise involved - but there is NOT!)

  8. Do it. Go back now. Before you have kids. When the kid(s) come along you'll never have the time.
    I would love to go back and do a PhD in social & cultural anthropology. It's my dream. I might do it... one day... .

  9. Love your layouts and if I was to go back to school?....hmmm...I don't want to go back to school do I have to??? been there done that!!!!!!LOl LOL LOL
    seriously though....photography, graphic design anything to do with art.....(coming from a medical background!!)

  10. love the title work too...if I could go back to school, it'd be to go back and get my CPA.

  11. Love the title in the disney layout and the coffee bean one too!

  12. I'm not going back to school...no way...no how! love what you did with the corregated alphas...I have some of those somewhere and now I need to find them!

  13. I would love to go back to school for something hobby/lifestyle like cooking or couture sewing! :)

  14. Your layouts are a lot of fun!

  15. Gorgeous LO's. Love the Kraft, the 8.5x11 double pager, and those corrugated letters. And the tiny attacher.
    And since you asked--Purim, Part 1, is Posted.

  16. Love your layouts! I love my Tiny Attacher too....but I don't love trying to load the staples...I have no luck with that! If I were to go back to school I would go for speech pathology.....there are jobs EVERYWHERE and they include signing bonuses!

  17. You've been busy! I haven't been checking my favorite blogs lately. Awesome layouts! If I ever go back to school, I'd study French or Violin. Both are impractical, but my practical job isn't all it's cracked up to be!


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