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Monday, May 2, 2011

More Disney photos!

I realized I still have lots of Disney photos to share with you! In no particular order, here are some of my favorites from the trip:

How pretty is this spot? It's part of the zoo area in the Animal Kingdom (not pictures: tigers!)

S was WAY into the street performers at Disney. We enjoyed this Japanese drumming show.

Beer glasses anyone?

Can you sense a theme here? ha!

Since we keep kosher, we couldn't eat out so easily, so we were super excited to order drinks. This Shirley Temple was the perfect accompaniment to lunch by the pool!

I had a lot of fun photographing this sheep in the Animal Kingdom.

Can you tell? if only all of my subjects were this cooperative.

The safari was definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

The Aisa section of Animal Kingdom was full of unique photo-ops, like this vase....

and this bicycle.....

and these beautiful paper banners!

Us having fun together:)

And loved these masks at Epcot!

Some highlights of the trip:

Skipping our dinner plans on the last night to spend more time touring the "world" in Epcot. We spent an hour at a pub in England, listening to a piano performer who made songs up on the spot.

On the very last afternoon, we packed our bags, checked out, and hit the pool. We went down the water slide at least ten times and just soaked up the sun. It was magical.

Every night after the parks, we'd go to the hot tubs after dinner. It was fun to meet random people that way!

One night it was raining like crazy, so we watched a Harry Potter DVD and ate lunch on the bed in the hotel room. Not very Disney-like, but it totally hit the spot:)

What's YOUR favorite vacation memory?

And on the topic of fairy-tale, magical adventures, anyone else tune in to the Royal Wedding this past weekend?

Even though I enjoyed watching it, I felt a bit unsettled afterward. As I'm writing this, my life feels very un-anchored, like a buoy just bobbing in the water and waiting for something to happen. For a baby or a job to materialize, for the feeling of confidence and excitement for the future that I used to feel so strongly. I'm not sure why I've felt this way lately (or maybe I do--crazy hormone-inducing medications, anyone?), but I really envied Kate as I watched the wedding. I envied the feeling of being chosen, of being significant, that she must have felt on that day.

I haven't felt very significant lately, in many ways. But I know I have the power to change that.

And I'm going to start today.


  1. Love all your pics, looks like such a great place to escape and enjoy some down time to relax and renew.

  2. That bicycle pic is my favorite. All my favorite vacations have consisted of lying on various beaches lol. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. reconized some of those photos~Disney is agreat place!!!

  4. Love the pics Keshet!
    I'm sorry you're feeling this way right now. I go through periods like that too-it's not one specific thing, but just a general unsettled feeling all around. Hopefully you'll feel more anchored soon. Hugs.

  5. Haha, that is one of my most cherished memories from Disneyworld was relaxing in the hot tub after a long day, and meeting people from all over the place :)

    I love the WDW, times a million!!!

    My hubby and I spent our honeymoon there, and we spent our 1 year wedding anniversary there as well.

    -Gabi from Savannah, TX

  6. Hi Keshet,
    I enjoyed reading your post--the pictures show a whole other side of Disney that I have never seen. Maybe someday I'll get to go. (I'm on the other coast and we go to Disneyland.)
    And thanks for posting the royal pic. I don't seem to get tired of looking at it. :)

  7. I can really relate to your last paragraph there.
    Seriously, was so happy for them, but it did leave me feeling a little unsettled. Old maybe (lol)
    I really want to go see Epcot someday. It seems like the perfect place for a couple with no kids. So that wouldn't be us yet.
    But someday maybe :)

  8. love the vaca photos. you rocked them and the bicycle is my fav as well!!! i didn't get to see the wedding the photos were amazing.

  9. Enjoyed the photos, but especially love the last paragraph. I too have all kinds of hormones swimming around in me, and I think they have a big impact on how I feel. Thanks for the reminder that I still have power over my choices. Have a great day, Keshet!

  10. Ha! Great photos. Loving the beer goggles. hehe.

  11. I'm with Jamie - the bicycle photo is beautiful! What great composition.
    Hope you are in a better place today Keshet - and you find your missing piece. I know you will - keeping you in my prayers :)

  12. What fantastic pictures! Especially the one with the banners. And the beer glasses are too funny!!! Love the honesty of your blog posts, you know they help all of us who read them!

  13. Gorgeous photos!!!

    I so get what you're saying - waiting has a way of making one feel helpless. It's awesome that you recognized the feeling and are ready to take it head on. :)

  14. Terrific photos! And I too am sorry you are feeling down. Another friend of mine is feeling like you are. If it helps, you are chosen, and you are significant. I guess if you can, choose to feel significant! Best wishes.

  15. Love the photos. Praying tonight that you get what you're looking for.

  16. I'm feeling the same way lately, like I'm the only one not doing anything with myself.
    in fact, today was a rough day. But You are totally right, I have complete power to change this. I hope you're feeling better. You are significant to me, and I've cherished our interactions :) You're a beautiful person, chin up!

  17. Thanks for sharing your photos and my best wishes to you on job and/or baby front :)

  18. Love the photos! I hope you bought the beer glasses :-)

  19. You are incredibly significant Keshet!!! It is so hard to change the way you think and feel about things sometimes, I applaud you for trying to tackle this feeling. xo

  20. I love the photos but I especially love how real you are on your blog. That feeling you expressed -- I feel that way sometimes too, and watching things like the royal wedding can exacerbate that.
    It's funny because you did a blogpost the other day about being where you're supposed to be right now and I think about that quote every day now!


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