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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scarlet Lime May!

It's already May 24, and I haven't shared my Scarlet Lime layouts yet! As my South African friend says a lot, for shame.

Here's a little peek at the May main kit, Sunny Disposition. This one is sold out, but you can still view the lovely images!

The bright, bold colors in this kit went perfectly with my Purim layouts (if anyone is confused about what Purim is, refer to this post).

This first one uses a fun group photo:

This next one is another Purim layout (I had the stack of photos out, and was on a roll!) Two of my friends came to our Purim party dressed as the couple from "American Gothic"--I loved the costume, and wanted to scrap it!

The Frugal Fab kit this month was packed full of fun 7 Gypsies products.

For my first layout, I was feeling nostalgic, so I wrote about S and my first date. (No, the photo is not from the date itself--that might have been a little awkward:))

If you can't read the journaling, here's the short story: we spent our first date at Mama's Falafel in Philadelphia, which, if you've been there, you'd realize is not the most romantic restaurant, to say the least. And falafel is certainly not the ideal date food! Add to that the fact that I was coming from an interview, so dressed in a boring black suit, and got caught in a rainstorm on my way, and it's really a miracle we went on to have a second date. Ha!

And finally, a little Mother's Day card (can you tell I'm a bit behind the times here?)

And that's all, folks!

Out of curiosity, what was YOUR first date like? And if you haven't dated yet, what's your ideal date?

(And for those of you that have asked questions in the comments--I'm prepping a Q&A post for the next few days! If you have any other Qs, leave them in the comments below!)


  1. Our first date was dinner and a movie (Wendys-because we were poor high school students). I still remember what we both wore and how nervous I was. That was 18 years ago this June! Wow!
    Great layouts!

  2. Our first date was at Starbucks after I'd spent a whole day judging a speech and debate meet. It was an exhausting day, but I still managed to go home and change clothes before he picked me up. We sat at Starbucks until closing time and then he took me home, ending the night with a big hug outside my apartment building.

  3. My first date with Dan was at the St. Louis zoo. I fell in love with him that very day, since we'd been friends for almost five years. A wonderful memory!

  4. Love the layouts and card! Our first date was dinner and dancing at a local club. That was almost 25 years ago! Where has the time gone?

  5. Great, great, great -- all of them! You should submit the Purim layout to CK (they are always looking for more submissions for Jewish holidays). My first date with my hubby was great. I knew that night that he was "the one."

  6. Beautiful projects!!! Happy weekend!

  7. First date: I met my now DH for a drink at the hotel where I had a cocktail party that evening, except he wouldn't leave and tagged along with me to the cocktail party. {awkward...} That was 13 years ago... .
    Questions for you... hmmm... how did you get started scrapbooking? I don't think I know that. And how/why/when did you get into design teams and stuff? And do any of your friends scrapbook?

  8. I like the bottom LO the most - I'm going through a journaling revival! As for my first date - I met my husband at a night club - it was love at first sight - I was 17 (yes underage to be in there in the first place...) & I had a strict curfew so no time to waste - I had to ask him to dance then had to leave so he scribbled my number down on a till slip from the bar! Well 27 years later we are still in love :)

  9. I didn't realise I hadn't joined your blog - I am bad about that as I don't use a reader - sorry! Have rectified the situation :)

  10. such fun layouts. i like the 1st date one. I should journal about mine. I met my DH at work and our first date was a movie and beer at his place.. if you can call it a date. so romantic huh??? =)

  11. my first date? he was late.. 2.5 hrs late! traffic was bad.. but i waited.. and glad i did :)

  12. Your layouts are lovely.
    Your card is so pretty.
    As for my first date with hubby. He used his parents car because his truck was filthy.
    He needed a pair of nice shoes and could only find a pair of boots that fit him for $200.00. We went to an expensive restaurant.
    funny as I lived in a trailer court was never on an actual date before. KFC would have impressed me, lol.


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