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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday Fun--Scarlet Lime June

Hello friends!  First off, thank you for all of your sweet comments on my giveaway post--they are all cherished and so very appreciated!
Summer has officially arrived here in New Jersey.  Let's just say I'm recovering from heat stroke by sitting on my swivel chair, drinking water, and trying to limit my activities to things I can swivel to. 

So I figured what better time to show you the layouts I created with the Scarlet Lime June kit!

Here's the fun main kit:

I was in a CHA mood  evidently, since half of my projects are CHA-based.  This first one is an ode to my CHA roomie, Jenny, who was (a) fun to hang out with, (b) tried on mustaches with me, and (c ) went on an epic adventure with me to find kosher food in LA one night (which was less epic-fun and more epic-irritating when you're hungry).  Love ya, Jenny:)
And a little close-up:

My next project is actually a repeat of a design I've used in the past--I just love the quilty feel of it so much!

{excuse the photo.  My computer has been having MAJOR issues--let's just say she breaks out into song randomly. It's not good. So I'm trying to make do on my netbook:( }

And check out the fun colors in the Frugal Fab kit:

My first layout is just about some of the small details I enjoyed at CHA. Rows and rows of letter stickers on the wall? Yum!

And this last one is a wedding layout, with one of my favorite photos of my Mom at my wedding. The design is pretty simple, but it makes me happy:)

And a close-up on the fun journaling sticker:

So that's all the fun I have planned for today:)

In other news, I'm trying to think of a fun, beachy, not-too-expensive to retreat to for a few days--any suggestions? What is YOUR favorite relaxing vacation? 

PS: Giveaway below is still open! I will choose a winner tomorrow evening.


  1. I get to live cha vicariously through you ;). A beach is all I need for a vacation and I will be happy.

  2. I love all your layouts! :-) I am copying the "quilty" one real soon. (Maybe tonight.) If you and hubby want to take a trip to the midwest, I would recommend anywhere on the Lake Michigan shore. Many white sand beaches to choose from. :-) Go to puremichigan.org for info. We are going there in August and I cannot wait!

  3. I really like the 'die cut' page! Great creations!

  4. Really cute pages!! Oh vacations are relaxing for me only if the kids aren't along ;) That doesn't mean I don't have fun vacations with them, but really not relaxing.
    The last relaxing one was a long weekend trip we took to Cancun Mexico. Beach and pool were just what I needed.
    We also took a good one to the lake up in Michigan. That actually was nice :)

  5. Great layouts Keshet! Love the quilted one!
    You can always make a drive down this way to head to VA Beach or the Outer Banks. Both are really great!

  6. an inexpensive vacation is to check out your State Parks....they have great stuff to offer and we've actually stayed on their properties quite inexpensively...a back to the basics kinda vacation!

  7. Your layouts are always fabulous!!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Pssst....today's bloggy post is much tamer than Monday's. It's safe to venture on over...lol.

  8. Wow these are great! The quilted one is my fave! Definitely worthy of scraplifting!!!

  9. Beautiful layouts! Love the quilted layout too!

  10. so funny (ok maybe not) about the heat stroke :) Your projects are beautiful, so many lovely details :)

  11. OOh lovely LOs. The patchwork quilt one is fab and I adore that green and white floralish pp.
    There are lots of great deals to Jamaica and direct flights from NYC... heeeeeee

  12. OH I love your layouts!!!!!!!!and the "quilty" layout is gorgeous!!!
    It is the 16th of June here in Athens Greece we should be at the beach but it is cool, cloudy and looks like rain...hmmmmm global warming you think??
    my most relaxing vacation is the one where i do not have to cook or clean, just sit and read a book somewhere with a cool drink...ahhhh bliss!!!!!!!!!LOL LOL

  13. Love the layouts! Next year at CHA I will hook you up with yummy kosher food! We have like 6 Shuls within 4 miles of our house and a great Glatt Kosher market!

  14. I'm not sure how inexpensive you're thinking, but Living Social has a South Beach escape for two for $600 this week. :)

    I really love your quilty page. It would be a wonderful way to finish off a kit or two!

  15. Beautiful layouts! I'm with the above poster on the great quilty page. I can't wait to try it myself!

  16. Gorgeous pages Keshet! And I love the quilty page too. Just lovely xxx

  17. Wow so many layouts in one post! Love the quilty one especially...great idea & perfectly suited to that line. Major CHA envy here - my dream desination :)

  18. I'm in the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At your wedding. All the pages are so cute Keshie. :)


  19. fantastic layouts. I would love to go to CHA one day. MY LSS invited me this year and I can not go due to bad timing.. sad face here. maybe next time.

  20. Such pretty layouts. You always have great ones to share.
    Take care, Heat stroke can be serious


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