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Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Bonanza!

This past Wednesday was my 26th birthday--and while I meant to share about it earlier, life has been keeping me busy! So here's a better-late-than-never birthday recap!

I'm a big birthday person. Not in the "I need a huge dinner with all of my friends and family" kind of way, but more like "let's load up lots of sweet little things and end up with an extra-fabulous normal day."

I woke up after S left the house (not the typical course of events, but someone very small was keeping me up all night already!) and found little notes he had left me around the house, along with this giant bag:

I was VERY tempted to open it right then and there, but decided to wait to open it with S:)

After a day of work (along with lots of fun birthday calls and emails), I did some shopping in midtown, serendipitously found the pair of tan pointy-toe flats I've been searching for for eons, and met S for dinner.

We headed to Va Bene, a fancy dairy restaurant on the Upper East Side. They have a private curtained off area in the back where we usually sit, and everything is delicious, from the bread basket (including focaccia with bruschetta on it--yum) to the dessert menu.

This one's a bit dark (thanks to the mood lighting and all), but I'm a huge creme brulee fan!

(ignore the weird smile in this photo. Not sure what's happening there?)

When we got home, I finally opened that giant bag and found this little lovely inside:

It's a camera bag from Cheeky Lime that I fell in love with months ago and emailed to S for future reference. I had forgotten all about it and was thrilled to find it in my house!
You can't see it so clearly in this photo, but the bag comes with an adorable pink camera charm--right up my alley:)

I also came home to an envelope from my family, complete with a scrapbook layout made by my little sister in honor of my birthday! It was pretty much the sweetest thing ever and between that and the hormones, I was very weepy:)

And of course, I can't forget the other birthday gifts I got this year! Even at the beginning of the summer, I would have never dreamed that i'd be 15 weeks along for this birthday. Along with S, my family, and health and happiness I'm a lucky birthday girl indeed.

So tell me, what was the best birthday gift YOU ever got? (or any gift, for that matter!)


  1. Hope you had a great one! That is the cutest camera bag!!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Keshet! Sounds like it was a fun one.

    My favorite birthday gift I ever got was from my sister in law about three years ago. She bought us pedicures together, and it was the first one I've ever had! It's a special memory.

  3. What a great day! Love that camera bag. My best gifts are the handmade ones from my kids. I especially love anything that has their hand prints or foot prints!

  4. Keshet! You're pregnant!!!! YEA!!!! Congratulations! I'm so so happy for you! I haven't had time to check any blogs lately (this summer has been crazy!) so I know I'm a bit late to the party but I just wanted to tell you I'm THRILLED for you! That is so exciting. It made my day to hear that. :)

    Oh and I love that camera bag!

    Congrats again!!!

  5. Happy birthday! And I would never have been able to wait and open a present like that :)

  6. That bag is adorable! Happy Birthday

  7. Happy Birthday! Last year when I turned 40 my husband got me a surprise trip to Paris. The kids knew and they all kept it a secret for weeks. That was my favorite b-day present ever. :)

  8. Sounds like it was nice! Happy belated birthday! Love that bag! :)

  9. Happy, happy birthday! What wonderful gifts for you this year!

  10. Happy Birthday, Keshtet! I got me a Canon 7D a couple of weeks ago, for my birthday!! Still trying to firgure it out, but I'm already loving all the photos!

  11. Sounds like a perfect birthday celebration!! That is a beautiful bag!

  12. Happy Birthday, Keshee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  13. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! I remember turning 26... many years ago.. lol.. my future husband bought me two cute charms for my necklace. one was a heart that said i love you, and the second a puffy heart. So sweet. he is always getting me great things.

    Looks like your sweetie bought you a lovely gift too. one of my favorite colors and who doesn't love a cute camera charm.
    Sounds like you had a fabulous day!!

  14. Happy Birthday! Sounds like a wonderful day!

  15. Happy belated birthday Keshet! It sounds like you had a great time...even though it would have killed me to wait all day to open that present....lol...But what a great present! Lovelovelove the lime green! :)

  16. Happy birthday I wish so many great things!!!
    This is my first time in here and I´m follower now.
    I wish a wonderful week.
    Kisses and huges from Brazil

  17. Your going to Have a baby!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you two. Soooooo exciting.
    Oh ya Happy Birthday.
    Your going to have a BABY :) :) :)

  18. That bag is MY shade of green...love it!!

  19. Oh! I love that camera bag-you are one lucky birthday girl!! :) Glad you had such a wonderful birthday!

  20. Happy Birthday ! I want your bag!!!!!My first birthday married my husband got me a very special watch, it was the one he had picked out for me as a wedding gift a few months earlier but right about the time he wanted to buy the watch, 2 weeks before the wedding, my car broke down and needed $2000 in repairs.....so he completely surprised me for my birthday!

  21. Happy birthday!!! So happy you were spoiled and surprised! That always makes for the best birthdays!!

  22. Happy, happy Belated Birthday! My goodness that is the awesomest camera bag ever!!

  23. Happy belated birthday, Keshet!
    I am finally catching up on my blog reading and I was so so happy to hear your news! I just want to give you a big hug!

  24. I'm a little late to your birthday party ; ) but wanted to tell you that my 26th birthday was one of my most memorable, ever... I was coaching speech & debate at the time and we were at a tournament in Kalispell, MT; after the first day of competing we were back in the hotel and my students (42 of them!) had organized a big surprise party for me. I was totally surprised. It was really, really fun : )

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