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Monday, May 7, 2012

Write Click Scrapbook May!

It's a new month (or at least, 7 days or so into a new month?) and time for a new Write. Click. Scrapbook gallery!  The theme this month was "everydaily" so I decided to record a very everyday occurrence in the Starr household--Ellie's stretching.

When I was pregnant, I would often feel this weird sensation as a little limb not-quite-kicked, but still determinedly stretched against my belly. As soon as E was born, I realized what had been going on in there: lots and lots of stretching. Girl likes to stretch when she wakes up in the morning, after a 5 minute nap, and anytime she finds herself on her changing table.

I had fun whipping up this layout to document the stretching-good times!

I used my April Studio Calico kit for this one and added some nibs from my stash. I also decided to get on board with the hand-cut arrows trend. This layout was just calling for them!

For the photo, I used a professional shot by our awesome photographer, Rina

Go check out the rest of the gallery right here!

In other scrappy news, I've held out for a while, but it's happened--I'm starting to want a Cameo.  I've been resisting because (a) I don't love gadgets, (2) it's a lot of work to learn how to use a new tool, and (3) it's a lot of money for a fad. What's winning me over are the scripty titles and dreamy quatrefoil cutouts.

What do YOU think? Is a Cameo worth the money or not?


  1. That little baby is so cute!!! Love your page, Keshet - and yes, I think you'd love the Cameo. I'm not just enabling here. I had the same reservations as you before I bought my Silhouette in 08. I've never regretted it and now it's getting use for my kid's school projects. It's a wonderful, extremely easy to use machine.
    Keep those baby pics coming!

  2. i think for the kind of layouts you do you should definitely get a cameo. it's amazing to me that you dont 'potchke' and your layouts are terrific! similar to putting on makeup that looks like your not wearing any. takes alot of skill!

  3. Those baby stretches are one of my favorite parts of having a newborn!

    I have the Silhouette (which is just smaller than the Cameo) and I really do use it a LOT. I've used it for tons of scrapbook layouts and also for making posters/school projects/science fair reports, too. (Which, granted, are a little ways off for you!) And cards and invitations. It is spendy up front but I don't regret buying mine at all.

  4. I really think you would not regret buying a Cameo. I had the original Silhouette for years and upgraded when the Cameo came out. The machines, then and now, have been used non-stop. It is VERY easy to learn how to use it, and it's amazing what you will find yourself coming up with. In the last month I've made t-shirts for my son's go cart team at Purdue, a t-shirt and shorts with my daughter's sorority letters on it, numerous cards, printers tray inserts (files by Kerri Bradford) for Mother's Day presents...AND made titles and 3-d flowers and other embellishments for layouts! I am a total enabler when it comes to the Cameo!

  5. i love her keshet!! she is so so darling! not to mention, your page is awesome!!
    i could have written those exact reason for holding out on a cameo and the exact reason y i want one!
    we'll see who caves first. ;)

  6. Love the layout and the photo! As for the cameo, I don't have one so I can't tell you the answer, but everyone seems to love them! Love Penny

  7. Oh my goodness that picture steals my heart:) Such a sweet page Keshet! LOVE your design.

  8. I have an SD and it's totally worth it! I think a cameo would be awesome. I love that picture of E. I've never seen that one before - so Sweet.


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