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Sunday, June 10, 2012

House Tour Part 3

I'm checking in from move/ traveling/ family event craziness to share the last part of our house tour: the basement and outdoors!  You can see the first posts here and here.

When you get down to the basement, you see the den to your right:

It's got a very dark, woodsy feel right now, but I think a little paint will be just the ticket!

To your left is the rec room:

Which leads to this ginormous room, which I have no idea how I'll use yet...

The left side of the "big room" has the potential makings of a Passover kitchen one day (I'm hoping!)

Through the doorway is a storage room that was too dark to be photographed that day.

Upstairs, off the kitchen is my beloved porch:

Imagine this one day with black cushions, a porch swing, and hanging planters. Sigh.

I love the little details, like the fixtures, which also carry over the front porch.

In the yard, we have a patio and lots of grass

And there you have it! Home sweet home, part three.  The house already looks SO different after being painted and having some floor work done. I'm so excited to decorate, but I have to deal with more pressing items, such as setting up Internet and making my kitchen kosher, first. Stay tuned for more updates!

And since I just took an 8 hour road trip today and have another one coming up, I would love YOUR suggestions to fun things to do on road trips!

Happy Monday, folks--be back soon with a whole bunch of fun projects to share!


  1. As someone living in an apartment, when I read the words "ginormous room, which I have no idea how I'll use yet..." my mouth waters.
    We're going on a road trip too, but I have no pointers yet.

    1. oops, did that again. Left you a comment with my son's google account.

  2. I love this house & I'm sure you will be so happy there. It looks like such a great traditional home for a family with a GREAT yard!!! You'll have so much fun out there with the kiddo this summer. The basement is awesome. Can you imagine the potential it has?! And all the space makes me jealous!!! I know it gets hard to wait to do changes to the house but the main thing it is YOURS and you can take all the time you want! Sounds like you have been so busy lately! Take care!

  3. this is one amazing and beautiful house. i love the porch ceiling, the fixture and the idea of hanging planters and a swing. sounds heavenly. Looking forward to seeing your personal touches.

  4. So happy for you and your new home, Keshet!

  5. A Pesach kitchen!? You've got the right house if you can make that happen!

  6. Such a nice home Keshet! Thanks so much for sharing it with us:)

  7. I always hit the dollar store and then hide those items and only pull them out on the car ride.

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  9. Keshset, everything in the house looks remarkable. I never knew that there was a basement ;)


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