Thursday, August 23, 2012

Q & A (and Odds and Ends)

So...about home decor Wednesday.  There was a good reason for missing it this week, I promise;)

Since this week is packed to the gills, my hubby surprised me by whisking me off to a birthday dinner Tuesday night! We headed to Nobo in Teaneck, and enjoyed a super amazing gourmet meal, all completely kosher. I love New York:)

Then, we spent time planning for a fun BBQ with my officemates last night:

I'm so lucky to work with people that I really, really like. I know it's not that way for everyone, and I really appreciate it!

I want to pop in today to answer some recent questions!

First, a few of you asked about modest bathing suit.  This has been the BEST solution for me, since I don't wear normal bathing suits for religious reasons. With one of these bad boys, I can go to water parks, the beach, pools, etc and join in the fun!

I purchased my swimsuit from Hydrochic, which has a wide variety of styles/lengths to choose from (not a paid endorsement, just a happy customer;))  This is the one I have, in addition to a maternity suit.

I've also gotten a few questions about Shabbos:

You may have answered this before, but do you also rush like crazy to clean your house on Friday?

The answer to that is yes, although "clean" is a relative term. Ha!  I do more in-depth cleaning at other times, but I do some basic cleaning and a lot of tidying so that we can begin Shabbos with a comfortable, clean home.

Do you keep several sets of dishes?

I do! I have a dairy set of dishes, a meat set, and both dairy and meat sets of pots and pans. I have two of some frequently used appliances, like the blender. My dishwasher is meat only (although one day I may have to add another one!)

Thanks for popping in!  Today I'm off to enjoy some birthday extravaganzas?

What's YOUR ideal birthday activity? 


  1. Happy happy birthday Keshet-hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Happy birthday!!! My hubby takes me out to dinner every year for my bday, we always take our birthdays off work and do a lot of nothing.


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