Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Moment

Tonight I had one of those moments--when I carried my sleepy girl up the stairs to bed and marveled, again, that she's here and everything has worked out. Motherhood can be stressful, but please, please, may I never forget how she felt tonight, her soft body in my arms, her toes encased in ladybug pajamas, and my heart overflowing.

That's why I blog, scrap, write--so that I will always remember the things most worth remembering.

Happy Wednesday:)


  1. look at that precious girl. she looks like you!

  2. She's beautiful, Keshet! So important to remember those little moments - I remember them well :)

  3. Gorgeous Keshet! Love it when moments and thoughts like this come to us!

  4. Adorable photo, I scrapbook to remember all those amazing moments too :)

  5. Very well written and remembered. This is why we all scrapbook. Your lil girl is so precious! Cherish every moment, time flies quick.

  6. It goes fast! Keep scrapping ;)

  7. she is adorable...jsut breathe in her scent and sigh...the moments go by too quickly! I said hello to my baby girl's 15 birthday this week :)

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