Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today, my baby bean is one.  One. 

I'm sitting here trying to finish up this post at 11:00 PM, after a long night of mommying and cooking and organizing, when I need to wake up very early for a work training tomorrow morning. But all I can think about right now is this number.

It's been one whole year since she got here. One year of growth and change and smiles and giggles (and a few screams). One year ago I didn't know her, and today I can't imagine ever not knowing her. She's one of my favorite people ever.

I wish you could meet her--she's so funny and spunky and sweet. She has such a sparkle to her. I'm so, so lucky that she is mine.

Although it's been some time now, I can still remember the day I found out she was growing inside me. In that moment, it was as if G-d split the sea right in front of me and I stood, unbelievably, on dry land. She was my miracle. 

And all I can think of today are the lines from this book.

Heaven blew every trumpet 
And played every horn
On the wonderful, marvelous 
Night you were born

--Nancy Tillman


  1. Aw - happy day to BOTH of you! Aren't these little miracle babies something else?

  2. We have that book & I love it! Happy Birthday to her, and congrats to you mama.

  3. Happy Birthday beautiful Miss Ellie xxx

  4. Is it really one year! It's gone by so quickly! :D

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