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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Insta Life

If there was one thing I was SUPER excited for when I got my iphone, it was Instagram. And it hasn't disappointed! It does have a way of making an ordinary photo look artsy, and playing with filters is a great way to have fun in the checkout line:)

Here's in insta-peek into our life right now!

Coffee in a mason jar. The best. I'm about to make myself one right now, in fact!  (And yes, with whipped cream. Clearly.)

Driving through NYC in the back of a cab to get to the East Side.

Ellie's Purim costume arrived in the mail, and I'm giving  you all a sneak peek:) TINY BABY ICE CREAM CONE!!

Happy baby at the mall (we were there to buy her first pair of SHOES!)

Happy baby at Dunkin Donuts (can you sense a theme??)

Hostess gift from some good family friends. You know who you are....and you're invited anytime!

Just a little peek into what's keeping us busy today.  I love how Instagram beautifies some of the little, everyday pleasures that make life so happy.

What small thing do YOU love today?


  1. A girl who already gets excited about donuts and new shoes!!! Gotta be on the right track.

  2. Looks like y'all have a fun day! Love the pics!

  3. Gorgeous pics Keshet. Love love love the costume. So sweet. Ellie's getting so big!
    Today I am loving time with my big girl, music & time to play with fabric - making me very happy!

  4. Love the ice cream costume, so cute :)

  5. There are so many things about this post I love. Coffee in a mason jar?! Yes! Love it. I think I saw a Pioneer Woman post about her iced coffee and I have loved in a mason jar ever since! And that costume...well that is just the cutest! Isn't Instagram great? I don't post much but I love checking in & helped me while I was still getting up at night with my little one! I am finally catching up on your blog & am happy to see you are still blogging with your busy schedule.


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