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Monday, March 4, 2013

Day in the Life

I love doing Day in the Life posts. The daily routine doesn't always seem so interesting at the time, but I love looking back to see how it changes! While this was a slightly different schedule than usual, it definitely gives a sense of what's going on in our lives right now.

First off, if you're new here, an introduction! My name is Keshet, and I'm a 27 year old wife and mom living in New Jersey. I work semi-part time as a lawyer for a nonprofit, and the rest of the time I chase around my one year old, Ellie, scrapbook, bake and read, and try to keep up my sanity (mostly in that order). I'm also an Orthodox Jew and like to write about our traditions and holidays.  Oh, and we went through infertility for several years before having Ellie, so I write about that, too:) So here goes!

7:30--Ellie wakes up, I feed her a bottle in bed, then get dressed

8:00--Head down and check the computer (will it rain? is work canceled for some reason?)

I pray (on a good day), eat breakfast, and finish getting ready while S (the hubby) dresses Ellie and plays with her.

Here's a cameo by S:

Then, Ellie and I get all ready to go. This one was in quite the dancing mood this morning:

And here she is trying to steal my phone:)

Hugging my legs--trying to get in the refrigerator!

8:45--leave the house

9:00--drop off Ellie with her favorite teacher at school

9:15--Hit the road. Stuck behind a slow car...grrr.

9:20--Taking a self portrait on the way:)

10:00--Arrive at work. Check emails, have meetings, speak to people. I work in family law, so there is never a dull moment!

12:30--Head out to pick up lunch. So lucky to work near a ton of kosher restaurants--since I'm not from the New York area, this is a huge treat for me!

1:00--Eat lunch while chatting with co-workers, and relaxing a bit

1:30--More work. Meetings, phone calls, etc!

3:00--Leave work early today and begin the drive home

4:00--Run into the house and quickly do laundry, clean up the nursery, and get Ellie all packed up for our weekend trip to a friend's in Baltimore

There's something I love about tidying the nursery! (Although it rarely happens because Ellie is either getting into things or sleeping!)

4:15--Sigh as I pack away this tiny swimsuit from last summer:)

4:50--Leave the house. Gas light is on. BLAST!

5:00--Pop into a coffee shop right next to Ellie's school for a 10 minute latte and book--re-reading this awesome marriage book right now

5:20--Pick up Ellie

5:30--Home to read books and play!

6:30--Dinner time for the little love

6:35--While Ellie eats, leave post-its all over the house. I have a post-it issue.

6:55--Change into jammies, read bedtime book

7:15--Bottle time

7:45--8:00--Bedtime for baby Ellie

8:00--Clean up from the day, go through mail, etc

8:20--Dinner time (if S is home, eat together at the kitchen table. If S is not home, make something easy/leftovers and catch up on reality TV--S works at a fancy shmancy law firm, so he works late sometimes)

8:50--Clean up from dinner

9:00--Open my to do list for the day. Frantically try to prioritize (I am SO bad at this. I probably should be something besides this blog post now. Oy:)).  

To dos include but are not limited to--inviting guests for Shabbos, menu planning for Shabbos, cooking for Shabbos (can you sense a theme? Ha! So worth it though), going through emails, writing thank you notes (eternally behind), Project Life catchup, phone calls, etc. Phew. 

10:00--Wrap up my to dos. Go upstairs to scrapbook or work on Project Life

10:20--Watch a relaxing TV show with S. Often House Hunters:) 

10:45--Start getting ready for bed


And there you get--life as it is right now!  Linking up here.  I don't work Fridays, so my workweek is short, but it gets busy!

Have YOU ever documented a day in your life? 


  1. Our color theme is gray, teal and orange-with similar patterns-is your rug from Land of Nod?


  2. You are one busy woman! :) What a great post...I might have to try this one day.

  3. I have never documented a day in my life, but I think I will. Interesting...

  4. i love reading about other people's days;) love this keshet and i have to say, i can't believe how big Ellie is now;)

  5. Oh my gosh! What a day! And your little Ellie is growing SO fast. She is adorable!

  6. Such a fun post:) I love getting a glimpse into your day. You have such a beautiful little family Keshet! I did this a couple of years back and you are right...while you are recording it it seems so dull but then when you look back you are so thankful that you have it:) Great job!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day, if a little stressful at times! But aren't the best days like that?

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