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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hello 2013

I know, I know--we've already said hello to 2013 a while ago. But I still have a layout on the topic to share!

I wrote about where I am in life right now and some goals I have for the year.

I used a fun Studio Calico add-on for this--although I can't for the life of me remember which one!

And just to show you the fun new rug in Ellie's room (which has the softest, prettiest light of the whole house!)

You can also see my photo taking system here--put the layout on top of a white box, find awesome light, and snap away (and get a crick in your back trying to keep the camera perfectly straight, but hey!)

In terms of goals, I wrote about wanting to learn to relax better, and I'm still working on that. But off to take a nice, relaxing shower right now!

Have YOU kept up with your resolutions this year?


  1. Great layout idea! I didn't make any resolutions, but my 6 year old set a goal for the year & met it within weeks!
    I love that rug- I need a new one for the family room!

  2. What a gorgeous layout! Fab photo of you and I love the layering!

  3. Awesome page Keshet! And the rug is awesome - great pattern & colour!

  4. Love this layout (and the new rug!). I can hardly ever shoot straight anymore, I have to lean them up against a wall...

  5. Love this layout! The rug is pretty too. I will let you into a little secret... I have a goals slot in my PL and when you open the card it is blank. I have no issue with keeping up w my resolutions this year!
    PS Thanks for your kind and encouraging words on my blog. I really appreciated them. I love the fact I have such encouraging online friends.

  6. Oh, love it! Great picture of you!

  7. Cute!!! And I love the rug!!

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