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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Blog Your Heart: November 2013

Today, I'm linking up with Stephanie Howell's blog your heart post.

Here's Stephanie's description of the linkup: 1. blog whatever is authentic. whatever is truly on your mind and in your heart.

I love this because genuine, authentic blog posts are my favorite to read (along with house tours....LOVE house tours:)). Check out Stephanie's linkup here.

1. I'm struggling with "busyness" right now. There's a lot going on in the next few weeks with family events and Thanksgiving/Chanuka, and there are SO. MANY. ITEMS. on my pre-baby to do list. At the same time, though, I know I need to slow down because 9 month pregnant ladies just cannot operate at full speed:) I also want to savor the last few weeks I have of just me and Ellie, and of having my life under control somewhat! I need to get better at this balance.

2. I really need to eat better. I was doing very well for a while, but I'm at the point where cinnamon buns sound a lot better to me than celery sticks with peanut butter. Except that they don't make feel quite as good and energetic!

3. Continuing on the healthy food train, I feel really bad that Ellie doesn't eat more vegetables. She's gotten into that toddler phase where anything that isn't cheese, a noodle, or a slice of bread is highly suspect. (And I guess that phase can last a while--see above.)  I don't want to force food down her throat, but I also want her to grow up with a healthy view of food and eating something besides noodles.

4. There has been horrendous traffic EVERY SINGLE DAY on my way to and from work. I am really, really, officially, 100% certifiably sick of it. This happens every year at this time and generally gets better after the holidays, so I'm trying to keep my eye on the light at the end of the tunnel!

5. I get really excited whenever I see newborns/tiny babies lately. They are so small and snuggly and I'm really pumped to meet this little baby soon. I still need to pinch myself that I have not only one beautiful baby, but one on the way! After all that time going through infertility, I could never have dreamed of being this blessed.

And thanks for reading! Check out the linkup, and let me know if you participate!

What's on YOUR heart and mind right now?


  1. Aww, so glad you included a picture of you at the end of your post - you're beautiful!! It certainly doesn't look like you have not been eating right - you look in lovely shape!

  2. I love this idea and have joined in a few times, just not recently. Thank you for sharing! I think you look wonderful. :)

  3. My fave snack is peanut butter & celery! Yum!

  4. My kids definitely lived off pasta, eggs, and veggie burgers for years and years, but maybe because we have dinner together every night, or maybe because we usually cook real food every day (sauce, rice, beans, soup) over the years they have slowly expanded their repertoire. I've been making split pea soup for years and years, and my kids never liked it. Then one day, recently my older one decided to try it again, and he liked it. So, the toddler years are just a slice life; Those eating habits do change over the years. (Especially, because it looks like you're a great cook!)

  5. Healthy eating is hard for everyone, especially kids :)

  6. I'm struggling with eating at the moment. All I ever feel like is bread and cheese. Need to change that!!
    Gorgeous pic Keshet - enjoy those last weeks as a mum of one xxx

  7. And it's so much EASIER to just give in and let them eat what they want. Sigh. :)
    You look BEAUTIFUL! So happy for you. xoxoxo

  8. Struggling with busyness -- I can relate to that! Take a deep breath. Everything will be OK. :) Do slow down and enjoy!

  9. Your words are beautiful! Are you nine months already? Wow! Time flies. Best of luck! Such a fun time and good for you for trying to savor it.

  10. I hopped over from Stephanie's blog. Thanks for sharing your heart! Heartfelt, authentic blogs are my favorites, too. : )


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