Monday, November 11, 2013

What I've Been Reading

I'm a book junkie.  Always have been, hopefully always will be! I love reading a mix of genres, flitting from biography to mystery to chick lit to classics. Keeps life interesting:)

Lately, I've been digging into these:

Waiting for Birdy is about a woman expecting her second child while taking care of toddler, so basically my life right now. Granted, her parenting style is very different from mine, but the book is HILARIOUS. I laughed out loud multiple times reading it. Check it out!

This is an old book I read years ago, but I decided to pick it up again given everything I've been reading about this period lately.

Confession time--I AM A MAJOR DORK. I have always loved British history, especially the Tudor period, and have been getting into the roses more recently thanks to this series by Philippa Gregory:

and this TV show on Starz:

So I decided to re-read To Hold the Crown by Jean Plaidy and have been really enjoying it!

And to continue the dorkiness, I'm SUPER excited for this book that I've pre-ordered:)

Moving along from British history, I also ventured into new literary territory by reading a Pride & Prejudice sequel. I am a HUGE P&P fan, but up until now I've avoided sequels/alternate tellings lest they destroy the beauty of the original story. But I recently delved into this:

and this:

Mr. Darcy Presents His Bride is a sequel that actually feels very true to the voice of the original story. I surprised myself by how much I enjoyed it. An Arranged Marriage is a very creative retelling, and while the characters didn't seem totally on target, I liked it as a separate book.

So those are some of the books that have been filling up my shelf lately?

Do YOU have a good book you've read recently?


  1. It is great you are an avid reader.

  2. Gosh, you're so good. I've always loved to read but need to make some time for it!

  3. Wow! You are quite the reader! I need more time to read!!

  4. OH THank you for sharing these:) I am loading up my kindle to settle into a bunch of winter reading under my blankets.


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