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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Life....In an Instagram

Life has been a whirlwind lately. I'm now just about 38 weeks, the exact gestational age--to the day--when I had Ellie. So I'm on pins and needles, waiting to meet this baby already!

To save my sanity, I'm trying to stay busy and distracted--so what better activity than sharing some peeks at our life lately, through Instagram? You can follow my feed

There has been crazy crazy traffic almost every day this month. This is my least favorite part of the holiday season right here:)

I received this sweet gift from a person my organization helped at work. My work can involve a lot of interaction with stressed-out people, so getting thoughtful notes like this really makes my day!

My baby snuggling. Life is good:)

This was driving home from Philadelphia last Sunday through some CRAZY snow. Apparently, the theme of my Instagram is "driving through bad weather/traffic conditions." Good times:)

Our family menorahs all lit up on the last night of Chanuka. I feel like Chanuka SPED by this year since it was partly over the crazy busy Thanksgiving holiday. Luckily, this conflict will be avoided for the next 70,000 years or so, so I'm in the clear for a while!

Love this shot of me and my girl, after a normal day of work.

We are currently on snowstorm #2 for THE WEEK.  Let me tell you, being snowed in + 38 weeks pregnant = crazy nesting instincts. I just want to buy truckfuls of canned food and organize them.

This was too funny--I turned my back for a minute and found E climbed up to my vanity, applying some blusher:) I guess you can never start too early!

As you can see, she's very pleased with herself:)

Are YOU on Instagram? If so, linkup?  And is there snow where you live right now?


  1. Hee :) E is so cute! I love love those last two pictures!!

  2. Are you keshet on Instagram? I'm anandirc. I love Instagram. Can't believe you're at 38 weeks already!! Other peoples' pregnancies fly by, I guess :D Good luck. I also LOVE the menorah photo.

  3. We already follow each other on Instagram although I have been a bit slack about taking photos lately. I cannot believe you are at 38 weeks. I hope baby doesn't keep you waiting too much longer and that the weather plays nicely for you. We are in the middle of the monsoon here. No snow but cooler temperatures and lots of spectacular thunder storms. I love this time of year.

  4. The one of Ellie putting on blush is priceless! Somehow, the way her knees are bent is the cutest part.

  5. Awesome pics Keshet. Ooh..snow. I would love to have snow. It's been so hot - so I've been keeping cool inside most of the time. Pregnancy & summer are not mixing nicely. Wow - only 2 weeks left! So excited for you xxx
    And I am kmrodgers25 on instagram.

  6. Kids have so much to learn. And we have so much to learn from them.

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