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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

7 Things You Might Not Know About Me

A few weeks ago, my friend Holly did a post like this on her blog, and I love the idea! So here's my attempt at carrying on the tradition:)

1. I used to live in Hawaii. For a while--around 8 years! And yes, I know how to hula, and yes, I realize I'm not very tan. I was definitely one of the whitest folks walking around that island.

2. I'm a HUGE history dork. (Although, if you've read this post you may know this already!) I especially love medieval/Elizabethan/Tudor history in England. It just makes me happy:)

3. I love to bake and cook now, but I didn't even know how to boil pasta until I was a sophomore in college.  I wasn't sure if you put in the noodles first, and then the water came later? Luckily those boxes come with directions!

4. Even though I'm outwardly very outgoing and confident, I struggle with insecurity. The struggles come and go but it's probably going to be a lifetime (or at least very long) battle for me.

5. Sometimes, I dream about being a photographer or maybe a realtor. Two random professions that aren't very similar to each other, where I know there are aspects I wouldn't love, but for some reason, those have been my "backups!"

6. I have strong political opinions, but don't like discussing them--I don't like conflict.

7. I struggle with the fact that my house isn't the bastion of cuteness I know it could be. Like this insanely adorable house from the Jersey shore:

And then I think that I can always spend my maternity leave "cutefying" my house. And then I remember how much work newborns actually are:)

So there you have it--7 things about me.

Question--Did you know any of these already?  And tell me something I don't know about YOU!


  1. Keshet, that photo of you is just adorable! You're a cutie for sure. That house is adorable! A little dollhouse. I bet that was awesome living in Hawaii and I would have been one of the whitest right along with you - lol!

  2. Oh, random thought about me. My dad made the first flag pole on the moon - cool!

  3. Such a fun idea for a post. All of them are new to me except #2 (because I read that post). :) Something about me? I used to own a bakery with my Mom. Although she's no longer here, I love making her recipes with my daughter and passing on the traditions.

  4. Keshet - some maternity reading for you: Brene Brown's The Gifts of Imperfection. It has changed my life regarding insecurity. she is also doing an art journaling class right now (and will do it again in January) as part of Oprah's life classes around this book, which has also been life changing for me.

    1. Thanks for the recommendation, Betsy! Off to check it out!

  5. So nice to get to know you better! #6 could be me too. I have spoken at town hall meetings, visited with my congressional leaders and lobbied on Capital Hill, but I abhor confrontation. Go figure.

  6. hi, I just stumbled upon your blog. I'm an orthodox Jew too! I'm from NJ but live in KS now. wonderful to meet someone similar to me in the blog world!
    Dara http://www.notinjersey.com


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