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Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday

I've been meaning to link up with Five for Friday for a while now, so today is as good a day as any! Check out the full link up here!  Today, I'll be sharing five things I'm loving lately


Newborn photos!!  I went to the fabulous Stefanie Diamond this week to get some newborn portraits taken of baby Moshe, and here's a sneak:

How sweet is that baby smile??

I love this one because I have blue all over my house, so this will be easy to frame!


On a much more shallow topic, have you heard that there's a new Naked palette? I have used Naked 2 so much since I bought it a few months ago that I'm almost out of a few colors, so I was thrilled to try this new color palette! It just arrived so I haven't had much time to dig in, but I can't wait!


Now I know this is old news already, but if you haven't seen Frozen yet, you should. I saw it mostly because I felt like sitting in a dark theater and eating peanut M & Ms, but it was SO good! Like a Broadway show in musical form. Speaking of which--I bet this will be a show at some point!


I seem to be on a beauty kick today! I got this hand lotion in my Birchbox box this past month, and love it. The texture is fantastic, and it smells heavenly (grapefruit + cucumber, which work surprisingly well together!)

I treated myself to this set with my Birchbox points, and I'm happy to say the other scents are equally lovely!


I've been good and only purchased one kit so far, but I love the Freckled Fawn Oh Deer Me kits, which are embellishments only.  Check them out here!

So here are five things I'm loving lately:)

Tell me, what are YOU loving these days?


  1. Aww, congrats on having the baby!! That smile is adorable!!!! So cute. Your new purchases all sound lovely :)

  2. Those photos are so lovely. What a beautiful baby!

  3. I just watched Frozen! Love Love Loved it! And let us know what you think about the naked palette! I want it but i'm so cheap...

  4. Those baby pictures are SO CUTE!!! So lovely :)

    I want to see frozen but I'm waiting for DVD time... I know my little one won't let me go near a theater!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Those baby pics are so sweet! Just bought the FF kit after seeing this. Love it!

  6. Love those baby photos..ADORABLE!!! I am ashamed to say haven't seen Frozen yet but I guess I should do it before it's out of the theaters..and love that the embelly kit.

  7. girlfriend, I know that everyone else is saying thing... but your little babe is so adorable!! that smile is so, so precious!!

    Happy weekend!


  8. Oh Keshet - the photos of Moshe are just beautiful. So adorable!

  9. Love the photos, so beautiful. Such a gorgeous little babe.

  10. sweet newborn photos...if only they stayed like that just a bit longer! Love the Naked 2 palette as well, haven't seen 3 in person yet :)

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