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Friday, March 7, 2014

Life Right Now

Life right now is sometimes slow and sweet, and sometimes (often) overwhelming.  Hence the unplanned blog break:)

Ellie is now two years old, and due to some over-emphasizing of her birthday on my part, she now thinks that her birthday comes every Sunday. But at the very least she doesn't get too upset when there aren't gifts and a whole party waiting for her!

At two, she has a whole lot of personality. "Mommy, sit down!" "Read to!" "No share!" and "Mommy, lollipop? Mommy lollipop PEASE?" are heard throughout the day.

She keeps me busy but oh, how I love her.

Here she is at the Purim carnival this past week. Lots and lots of personality:)

Moshe is now two months and starting to smile, look around and coo. I love seeing his personality emerge. I miss him during the day at work and love catching up on snuggles in the evening.

As for me, I've been doing the usual tightrope-balancing-act of trying to take care of two little people, work, and still have time to dream.

I took some time a few weeks ago to drink an iced Caramel Flan Latte and read a book that made me think.

And I've been doing a ton of cooking. Hello, grilled steak (thanks to the hubs) and cinnamon roll cookies!

And that's a little peek into our life right now:)

What has the best thing YOU've seen, read or eaten lately?


  1. Best thing I've eaten - a homemade cake with pears made by my mum. Totally appreciating anything that I don't have to do myself in these final days of pregnancy.


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