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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the Grinder

Back to school again for another year! I'm at a new school for the year, so unfortunately back to asking for directions, struggling to learn my locker combination, and making friends. Sometimes I forget that I look at bit different, showing up to school with my colorful, fringed scarves on my head, but l figure, if anything, it should start up a conversation. I'm having some trouble getting into school mode (spent Labor Day visiting family, touring, and scrapbooking, but didnt open a book), but everything with time....

Read two FANTASTIC books this weekend--The Sister Antipodes by Jane Alison, and Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson. Gilead has wonderful insights on religion and why and how we believe things--resonated with me, especially since I'm now taking a Law and Religion class where I'm the only person with a religious lifestyle. Sister Antipodes is sad, but powerfully written, about family life and how parents can destroy their own children. Although I still dont know what an antipode is, so if you can enlighten me, please do!

Finally, have been spending WAY too much money on scrapbooking stuff in the past few weeks--just opened 2 packages, and have two coming. I've used just about half of my discretionary dollars for October. This discretionary dollar thing is something my husband and I came up with so that we dont need to argue about fun purchases--ie, my many scrapbooking supplies and his lone scooter:) It really does preempt a lot of marital arguments!

Finally, a random photo of the day:

My beloved pink bumper car from my birthday outing! It was a little sad because the "theme park" was actually a parking lot with bumper cars, go karts, and a fairly lame miniature golf court set up, but we still had a good time! And then left after half an hour and found some kosher gelato!


  1. i'm adding the sister antipodes to my reading list :) sounds like my kind of book

  2. Nāyakaṉ eppōtum.. Ulakil vāḻa muṭiyātu eṉṟu aṉaittu cottu, celvam, atikāram oru nāḷ iṟuti nēram cāppiṭuvēṉ kaṭavuḷiṉ uruvākkam.. Eṉiṉum, uṇarvu, itayam, maṟṟum oru naṇpar vicuvācattai oru uṇarvu, eppōtum kāṇāmal orupōtum.. Ēṉeṉil kūṭa nām ulakil enta naṇparkaḷ pōtu.. Āṉāl oru uṇmaiyāṉa naṇpaṉ eppōtum eppōtum eṅkaḷ itayaṅkaḷil irukkum..


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