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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A New York Kind of Day

Well, day began to a rough start. I woke up early for a 9 am class, promptly walked into a door, and then checked my email in the vain hope of finding a message announcing a class cancellation. No such luck.

Then, the E train was backed up, so by the time I body-shoved my way on, I had to spend the ride squished against a very tall Chassidishe man, giving up all hope of reading my book...

Speaking of books, I read this one Friday night:

Hannah's Gift, by Maria Housden. It's about a woman whose four year old dies of cancer. Which is not giving it away, because it even says so on the book! I knew as soon as I added it to my queue (Steve and I pronounce it qyoo-ee--oo--ee) on Booksfree what would happen if I read it, and I was exactly right. I read the book in one sitting, bawled hysterically, and proceeded to grill the poor Steve on why G-d allows bad things to happen to good people, etc, etc. Was an exhausting night and I woke up the next morning with a headache and rings around my eyes!

Maybe it's a mistake, but I ordered another book written by that author, this one about how he chose to give up primary custody of her kids after her divorce. Not uplifting either, I know, but nothing can be worse than a kid dying of cancer, right?

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