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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scrappy almost-Mother's Day

It's late on a Saturday night, and I'm letting my husband do the dishes and clean up for Shabbat and talking to y'all instead (bad me).

I had the most wonderful, lovely Shabbos (that's usually how I say it, so I'll go with that here) ever. Nothing too exciting or special, but very restorative. We spent Friday night eating just the two of us and talking, having the "2 a.m. meaning of life" type of conversations that were such a part of dating but can be hard to make time for now. And today, I got to talk scrapbooking with our guest and her eight-year-old daughter, and connect to spirituality again. It was so, so needed and so good!

But, for those of you who came here for a scrapbook page, you're in luck!

This layout was made for Jessica Bree's Be Inspired class at Scrapfreak.com. I was asked to make a page with an interview style, so I interviewed myself--it was the easiest to schedule. And I'm generally a cooperative subject.

I've lived in three places over the three years of law school, which led to many good times, such as interviewing for law firms while the apartment had nothing set up except for a couch frame with a suit draped over it. And moving all my belongings from one place to another the day after exams. Good times.

And one last page for those of you brave enough to read for so long?

An ode to The Body Shop body butters. If I were very, very rich I would have a vanity set up (in my giant marble bathroom, of course) with each and every flavor of this lotion. And pick a different one every night. And it would be awesome. But, alas, we're in reality.

And that's all folks! What are your Mother's Day plans?


  1. Love your layouts. Gorgeous!!

  2. Nice layouts.
    My plans are simple, Sleep in:)
    Have the family clean the house - Company ready.
    While I scrapbook all day, with no interuptions, well they can come and chat with me. I love that.
    Oh ya and I don't want to cook anything all day.

  3. Fun pages. Love the second one! You have some great ideas for scrappy topics!

  4. these are great! love the houses :)

  5. So glad you are joining us over at Scrap Freak! I loved this page when I saw the reveal Bree did. Great job!

    And those convos with the hubby are so important! I miss them when there are long breaks between them. Glad you had a great night! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!! :)

  6. Both your layouts are lovely! I really enjoy seeing pages of other things than smiling children (but those can be beautiful too).

  7. oh i looove the body shop, too! love how you used those bloomers... i had to laugh when you wrote, "good times." we say that all the time, LOL!

    sounds like an exciting life and worth it!

  8. beautiful layouts and I love me some body butter:) have a great Sunday!

  9. Great LO's! Glad you had a good weekend.

  10. Ooh, great pages -- and I, too, am feeling the Body Butter love. My fave is the Moringa Body Butter.

  11. Your LO's are gorgeous! I'm going to have to try that body butter.

  12. These Lo are so beautiful! Great job!


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