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Friday, May 28, 2010

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Cooking up a storm!

In the interests of full disclosure, this photo was taken a few weeks ago, but the image is pretty similar right now.

My new discovery of the day is that corn syrup + peanut butter = pots that are IMPOSSIBLE to clean. I just gave up and will bat my eyelashes at the hubby instead.

I have a few items I can't share yet, but this is a new page:

Supplies used: Studio Calico May kit plus October Afternoon Thrift Shop label stickers.

This page documents a particularly weird experience I had--when a camper of mine (9 years old at the time) begged to sleep in a cardboard box. We allowed her to, and then she started a whole rebellion among the children in the bunk who all wanted to sleep in boxes.

So, so weird.

She was a strange bird in other ways--she hated boys and made signs saying "Antie-boy" that she carried with her everywhere. And whenever a boy happened to get hit with a flyaway kickball or something, she would glare at them and venomously hiss, "That happened to you because you're a boy."

Again--summer camp = lots of weirdness.

But so funny!

Have any of you been camp counselors in the past?


  1. Beautiful layout!

    Nope - I've never been a camp counselor.

    So what the heck are you cooking with peanut butter and corn syrup???

  2. LOL funny story. I was a camp counselor so I completely agree! :)

  3. Batting your eyelashes does that Really work?

    I have never been a counselor, or been to camp.
    But I did want to go to camp after watching Little Darlings. Oh I'm sorry way before your time teehee.

  4. Pretty layout!! Never been a camp counselor but that sounds like my 4 yr old lol. So whatcha cookin? Do share please.

  5. Cute page and yes..I spent a couple of summers as a camp counselor so I know of the weirdness.

  6. Beautiful layout, Keshet!

  7. heeeeeeeeeeee on the pots - that does sound like a mess! love the page. =)

  8. Love that page. I wasn't a counsellor but I was a camp nurse and saw my fair share of weirdness from the kids!!


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