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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My (Other) One True Love

I'm talking about the Reeses cup, of course.

Reeses and I go way back. My mom used to give me one every Saturday morning. And when I was sick. And when I had a bad day.

Hmmm...I'm starting to see where this may have come from.

So this weekend, S and I traveled to meet the chocolate in the flesh:

We make a handsome pair, don't we?

And with my other love:)

It was a VERY hot day and I'm afraid of roller coasters and I didn't have any swimming gear for the water park, but it was a really wonderful day!

And because you probably came here thinking this blog had something to do with scrapbooking, a card for you:

This is officially the 2nd card I have ever made and posted online. Gulp. Had fun with the flower, though.

I have a lot of pages in mind at the moment, but limited time to make them what with all the bar exam studying. Humph. Does that ever happen to you?


  1. I love that card!!!! Great colors! And Reese's are dangerous, I could eat 10 in one sitting, easily!

    Good luck with the bar exam studying!

  2. I think that cards can be tough too, but this turned out great! Love your reeses cup, good to see that old guy!

  3. I love the flower! Reese's are one of my favorites too!

  4. Reeses....oh my. Yummy.

    Cute card! I'll be watching for more. ;)

  5. LOVE Reese's and your card! Fabulous!

  6. Okay, now I'm having a chocolate craving. :0)
    And totally lovin that flower on your card!

  7. you went to hershey park?? i live an hour from there...it's awesome and there is a scrapbook store not too far from there :)

    love your card and the simple sentiment..those are my fave

  8. Always. I always have ideas and limited time. Kids, work, house... it all eats into scrappy time ;) Cute card! TFS!

  9. Love that photo of you and Reese - this by far my fav chocolate and it is not available her in Iceland!! :(

    Cool card girl!

  10. cuuuuuuuuuuuuute card. i heart the reese's cup, too!!

  11. Cute card, that flower does look like fun.
    Ohh my daughter and I love Reese's. I eat all around the edge and then the middle, yeah I am a bit odd.
    That picture is so cute.

  12. Love your card! I have card phobia too so I feel your pain!
    I have a Reese's love too and loved going to Hershey Park with chocolate surrounding me!!

  13. this is so funny! I can't wait to see you make a page out of this! I feel the same way about Reese's. The best ones are the holiday themed ones - they're always bigger.
    Adorable card. Cute and clean and charming. Gotta do more of those girl!

  14. The card is adorable! And I've very jealous that you got to meet THE Reese's Cup. ;)


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