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Friday, July 16, 2010

One Event, Three ways

One of the cool things about scrapbooking is how many ways you can "spin" a certain photo.

This sometimes stresses me out because I have to "choose." But lately, I have enough photos (and not enough scrappy time) to go around.

Case in Point: our Hershey Park vacation on Memorial Day.

I've already scrapbooked 3 pages with the photos I took, all with a totally different focus.

TAKE 1: The event page

This page is pretty basic and explanatory--the who, what, when, and where. (And snacks--because having kosher snacks in an amusement park is highly record-worthy.)

(Little secret? I had this page on my desk for AGES and hated it but still didn't want to put it away. So I added some paper, a title and stuck it down. It's not my favorite but I actually don't hate it now!)

TAKE 2: The funny page

This is an ode to the Reeses Cup. As I mentioned in the earlier post on this, I am pretty obsessed with this little guy. So it had to have its own page.

While this page doesn't really address the specifics of the trip, it discusses another aspect of my life. And it also gets the "feeling" of Hershey Park across, in my eyes.

TAKE 3: The sentimental page

This page is not really about Hershey Park at all, or about chocolate. It's about how I can be a kid again with S--get excited about things, pretend to eat hot dog hats, etc.--without feeling self-conscious.

Do you use the same photos in different ways like this, too?

If not, how do you choose what to use a group of photos for?


  1. Thanks for your vote Keshet -I really appreciate it!
    I used to never do this. I would put all the photos into an event-specific album, in chronological order, just the facts. (yawn) Now I use the approach you outlined here and as a result, the stories beyond what's on the surface are getting told. It's much better this way
    I hope your hubby isn't jealous of the peanut butter cup! He's looking mighty fine ;)

  2. I love doing this too! Love all 3 takes on your trip!

  3. i LOVE all of them! and, yes! i do that too!

  4. Awesome. I need those cloud stamps! Just awesome! Great designs K!

  5. Love them all! All have great design! I try to do this too.

  6. Great pages! Love the new look of the blog!

  7. ah... choosing photos, what a fun topic... well, are you a print-as-you-scrap kind of gal or are you like me, print out hundreds and go from there? A couple of years ago, I did not scrap the same photo more than once, but now I occassionaly would scrap the same photo a few times, but I accumulate 500+ photos each weekend, so my motto is: good enough and moving on :) Your layouts very fun! I look forward to visiting Hershey one of these days :)

  8. All three of your layouts ROCK, but that sentimental page is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!

  9. Love, love, love your work!!! Absolutely awesome!!

  10. Love all you layouts.
    I too have photo's that I can use many ways. But my problem is I have toooo many photos to actually get to scrapbook :)

  11. Love your style. Saw that layout over at Ella Publishing and it's great to find some more.

  12. Love the sentimental layout, looks like you are both having lots of fun being silly!

    I do use photos for different pages, usually with different page themes like you have done: one about the event, and one about the emotions. I don't always do it, but when you have photos you love, why not use them more than once?!

  13. i love seeing the various page types you did with one set of photos! The design on the One True Love page is awesome!!!

  14. Love the whole "one event, three ways!" That's genius! And your pages are totally cute!

  15. Love these, especially the first one - great photos! I love Reece's cups too.


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