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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Scrappy Sunday

Welcome to Scrappy Sunday, Keshet Starr edition.

(Speaking of the whole name thing, I'm trying to switch over to my married name--Starr--but it's proven to be very, very difficult. But at least there aren't too many Keshets in the scrapbooking industry!)

First up, a totally random page made up out of leftovers from on my desk.

Literally, I had the Hambly overlay sitting on top of the Studio Calico woodgrain paper in a pile on my desk, and voila! I made a page.

Journaling says: Hot cappucinos in restaurants, especially with a square of chocolate inside. Mmm.

This next page combines Lily Bee, Jenni Bowlin, October Afternoon, and some mist. It's an ode to my wonderful friend, Becca.

Journaling: I don't get to see my Columbus friends often enough, but I love it when I do!

So that's all folks!

I am now about have my husband make poached pears with hot chocolate sauce and pass them off as my own.

It's very important that no one know this. So keep the secret!

How has everyone's weekend been?


  1. Poached pears with chocolate!! YUM! :)
    Love the yellow and red mix on the second layout!

  2. You have a very beautiful scrap style! I love your designs!

  3. OK, YUMMY on the pears and chocolate! Love the pages, you have the best style.

  4. Ask your husband if he gives lessons. Great pages! Great start to the Starr edition!

  5. Your secret is safe with me;) Love the LO's!

  6. i love it when scrappy accidents happen like your first layout which may i add is very cute. love the details in the top right corner. I'm all about little clusters lately:) happy sunday!

  7. these are gorgeous layouts!!!

  8. I love your rock star name Keshet! It is a tough transition - it took me a couple of years and sometimes I still get maiden name mail. It feels strange now to see that name.
    Anywho...your layouts are beautiful as usual - so awesome to see you on Ella.
    Weekend went by way too fast - hope you had a good one :)

  9. I love that woodgrain + leaf page. Looks awesome!

  10. Beautiful layouts! I love your cappucino photo! It took a while for me to start using my married name too!

  11. Love your style! (Pretty new last name, too!)

  12. Your layouts are so pretty.
    Starr ohh I like that last name

  13. Awesome layouts!LOve the color combo in the 2nd one! Pears and chocolate= yum!!

  14. Poached pears with chocolate sauce?! Can I come over? Sounds delicious! Your LOs are pretty yummy too!

  15. Beautiful pages!! poached pear and chocolate sauce? wow, sounds good!

  16. loving that top lo especially - gorgeous soft tones!

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