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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Tuesday Blues

My ipod (a hand me down ipod video from my 17 year old brother, who upgrades his electronics regularly ) has decided it no longer wishes to play music. Or turn on. Or do anything at all really.

So now I'm attempting to listen to some 'tunes on my old ipod mini, which feels unnaturally thick, like a little pink elephant from an antique shop. Hence my title.

In happier news, I got some scrapping done last week!

I made this page to honor one of my new favorite songs, Wedding Day by Rosie Thomas. Anyone listen to it?

Journaling reads: I love this song by Rosie Thomas. Takes me right back to this day. The nerves. The excitment. Walking that walk (down the aisle) I had dreamed of.

This next one uses Studio Calico's June kit, and documents a fun improptu BBQ my friends and I had in Prospect Park.
I used lots of birds on this one. It felt like a bird page, you know? And I got to use those Studio Calico birdie stamps which the wonderful Mindy sent me for free because I was desperate to have them.

And before you go, a little flower yumminess from our (very authentically distressed) porch.

What are you up to this week? Has your ipod ever broken--and more importantly, did it ever live again?


  1. Love your pages! Especially the wedding one!! I don't have an iPod (gasp!!!), so I never have to worry about it breaking, I guess. :)

  2. love the flowers - and the pages. beautiful sentiment on the wedding one!

    have you googled about the ipod? you can usually force them to reboot by holding down two buttons at the same time - but i have no clue which two. hopefully you can find out and it will work! i've had to do it w/ my iphone before.

  3. Lovely layouts, especially the park one. I haven't owned an Ipod yet (yes I'm a bit behind the times) but I'm hoping to get an Iphone some time before the end of the year!

  4. I've only had one iPod breakdown my very first one and it was awful. Since then I've upgraded before it reached that point. Did you already do a manual reset it's different for each version but instructions are on apple.com. Love the summer layout, so cheerful. Love the unique photo placement.

  5. LOL -- I'm glad you love those birds. I'm still not missing them. :) Great scrapbooking and I feel the pain of your iPod loss.

  6. Loving your layouts...particularly your wedding day one. ;)

    I have an iPod, and no, it has never broken....though I did need to take it in for some issues it was having early on (turned out it needed a firmware update, and something was freezing....they fixed it on the spot...never had any issues with it after that).

  7. Amazing work! I'm always so scared to use black as a background, but you rocked it & I'm totally inspired! thank u!

  8. pretty layouts, miss keshet! love them both! hope your ipod works again!

    & what lisa said about your ipod. you can also try resetting it to factory settings (thru itunes) & reinstalling everything. i've had to do that more than once on my iphone!

  9. lovelovelove your layouts, keshet! no advice on the ipod...mine is only less than a year old so i haven't had any problems. hope you can get it working again soon!

  10. Great pages! Our original ipod died about the time the warranty ran out. We were not impressed. Have a good day!

  11. What's an ipod?
    Lovely layouts, oh how I miss SC kits :) Your distressed porch is quite authentic and lovely too :)

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog today! I've had fun looking through your blog and love your fun, fresh style.

  13. Great layouts.
    your flowers are so pretty.
    I have a Shuffle. Love it and I have never had an issue with it, touch wood.

  14. Great layouts Keshet!!

    My ipod has decided to die a slow death. Is it the battery maybe? I'm taking mine in today to see if a new battery does the trick and crossing my fingers it does!

  15. What awesome layouts. They are so different and so cool.


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