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Monday, September 27, 2010

The Best Day and the Worst Day

If you can’t tell from the title, this page is about the best day ever—my birthday, appropriately. It was an awesome day--shopping + Starbucks + Build-a-Bear + dinner with S + a new Lisa Leonard necklace. Which all = a wonderful, wonderful day.

I didn't want to forget the little details of the day, so I created this:

The main product I used on this page is the Sassafrass Indie Girl border stickers--I loved these so much, I decided to give them center stage on my layout (it was also much faster than punching and cutting little border strips!).

This next layout is another one from the September Studio Calico kit. This time I used one of my little tricks for using kits--I challenged myself to use an item that was not working for me. In this case, it was those Maya Road chip frames. I misted them (way easier than painting--do you sense a theme here?) and backed them with patterned paper and design elements.

2 chipboard pieces down, 76543 to go......those packages are quite packed. Sigh.

This page is about a friend's wedding--how gorgeous is the synagogue she got married in?

And now for the worst day.......that would be today.

Anything that could break, broke. Every online tech support lady hung up on me. More little things went wrong than I can count, including (but not limited to): losing my phone, consistent downpours, and a low memory crisis on my desktop. When I finally got myself together to leave my house, a whole crew of people there to repair the balcony were waiting to knock. It would have been funny if I wasn't so stressed!

Here's hoping for a less stressful day tomorrow!

How was YOUR day?

PS--The holidays are still continuing (another Wed night to Sat night shindig is coming up this week), so I apologize for the sporadic blogging--I should be back to my normal, less scatterbained self before too long:)


  1. Love the layouts, especially best day. I've had a Lisa Leonard necklace on my wish list forever, and haven't received one! Sorry today hasn't gone well. It's a new day tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful layouts.
    Sorry about your day, we all have them.

  3. These are so beautiful!! :) I need to FINALLY use that collection from Sassafras.

  4. great layouts! I love that sassafrass collection

  5. Love the layouts. I especially love the pictures & colors is the wedding one! Hope your day will be better today!!

  6. Oh, sorry your day was crummy, hope today will be filled with happieness! Love the layouts!

  7. Gorgeous layouts, I specially like the "best day ever" one, you are rocking those MR chipboards! Sorry you´ve had a rough day, hope everything´s better tomorrow:)

  8. Well done! Great idea with the border stickers! I hope it all get better!

  9. oh you so worked that Sass girl! i think that means you are Sassy ;)

  10. Love the layouts, as usual...gorgeous!

    Sorry you had a bad day, though. :(

  11. Keshet! Congrats on the ELLA gig! OMG I was so happy to see your name on that list!

  12. me, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!!! i love love your blog and so stoke for you

  13. i love what you did whith this 2 pages!!
    thanks for inspiration K.


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